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Friday, May 9, 2008

A Clean House is a sign of a wasted life! : EarthFrisk Blog

clean house

Humor is most essential in this crazy world that we live in. As the owner of some incredible sites, I see the best videos and photos out there posted by our members.

Retro humor makes me laugh a lot. Someone posted lots of magnets and posters for retro type humor here at EarthFrisk. Click here to see almost 90 pieces that can really put a smile on your face.

Here are some of my favorites:

America armed

We do love our guns here in America. Our freedom as well and for those of you in other nations who are reading this, the main reason is we really don’t trust any government here in America. In fact that is why we have guns, for that day when Hillary or some other really left leaning or right wing nut politician decides that we don’t need the Bill of Rights any longer. That’s the day when you see many guns used all over the nation, as the heavily armed people in America revolt. Fear the Government that fears YOUR gun!

Bob Bon

This one above my girlfriend loves, as she has wrestled with diets for years even though she is very hot. Women always think they are fatter than they really are. I think you all need to stop reading beauty magazines with the model’s that look like aliens that are supposed to be the examples of beauty when they are not.


Who can argue with the logic and humor of this one. As we all know alcohol impairs the senses and makes even the ugly and stupid get some confidence. This confidence has helped many people get some as they say. When others are out poisoning their livers with alcohol I’ve tended to smoke some marijuana ( in the past :) ). The logic is anyone that smokes weed hurts their bodies far far less with much more enjoyment than any beer or alcohol.

can't think

What red-blooded American male (or any male on earth) wouldn’t agree that the humor in what we are thinking as groups can make you think and laugh. Men typically are like this guy. The caption is funny because it is what you’d be thinking too if you are a male.


I remember back when I was in college we had quite a few students who were there for many years. Some even twice the normal amount of time ( 4 years) it takes to graduate.


At about 28 or s0 I had first become a coffee drinker. Until then I never bothered as it is an acquired taste. Once I started up with 7-11 coffee with French Vanilla, I was hooked, and have had coffee nearly every day since. Man that is bad for me and you if you drink as much.

video games

I once played Civilization for 16 hours straight and once long ago I had the world record for one of the first video games called Asteroids. I would play for 12 hours easily and have hundreds and hundreds of spaceships lined up. Like anything, we all get good at what we spend our time on. My tag way back was ZZZ and I ended up getting my butt beaten for the Guiness book of world records by someone in Utah who played asteroids for 23 hours straight. I know these records are nothing compared to the feats that modern kids do. It was a lot back then with our puny graphics though.

Hey -if anyone loves to laugh and have fun you really should check this out click here. It’s the EF homepage - look at videos on left and you will be laughing your butt off for many many hours.


Who can argue this? Most people would gladly exchange their level of success for a great record deal. I wouldn’t at all. I love where I am in the world and would really hate it if I am in the bathroom doing a number 2 and a camera pops up under the door to take a picture of me. Someone would have to die in that case. lol


Yeah I have ADD, so what?


We’ve all done it. For those of you that are disgusted by this one, get a life. It’s called human nature. I wrote about a cool quote from my high school days. Tell me what you think!

A study was done of high school students and college students. They were all asked in private if they masturbated. 99% admitted that they did, and the other 1% were liars.

One last one below that I’ve used in a couple of posts. I hope you all enjoyed these.

give a shit

A Clean House is a sign of a wasted life! : EarthFrisk Blog
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