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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

$1,000 Sushi Roll

high roller sushi roll

More expensive than a meal at Masa.Photo: Courtesy of Koi.

Funny that just yesterday we pontificated that perhaps times have changed as publicists brag about their “budget-minded” clients, rather than touting $50,000 foie-tinis. What should land in our in-box this morning but news of a $1,000 foie gras sushi roll called, of course, the High Roller. It’ll be served at Koi, and “here’s how it works,” according to the flack:

1.) Using Hudson Valley Foie Gras we will marinade the foie and poach the foie in the sauterne. It is then formed into a torchon (Shape) to the roll.

2.) After the roll is made.. Langoustine (A sweet succulent Lobster) is cut into sashimi and placed on the outside of the roll.

3.) Saffron/Vanilla bean butter will be drawn and brushed over the lobster.

4.) The roll is then encrusted with the caviar

5.) White Alba truffles are shaved table side (By the Chef)

6.) 100 year balsamic is then drizzled over the top

Great, but we’re still not sure why this would cost a cool grand, unless the chef that’s shaving the truffles is the ghost of Julia Child. Maybe.

Damn the Recession and Order a $1,000 Sushi Roll

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