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Tuesday, February 26, 2008




Toward the end of his life, the Buddha took his disciples to a quiet pond for instruction. As they had done so many times before, the Buddha’s followers sat in a small circle around him, and waited for the teaching.

But this time the Buddha had no words. He reached into the muck and pulled up a lotus flower. And he held it silently before them, its roots dripping mud and water.

The disciples were greatly confused. Buddha quietly displayed the lotus to each of them. In turn, the disciples did their best to expound upon the meaning of the flower: what it symbollized, and how it fit into the body of Buddha’s teaching.

When at last the Buddha came to his follower Mahakasyapa, the disciple suddenly understood. He smiled and began to laugh. Buddha handed the lotus to Mahakasyapa and began to speak.

“What can be said I have said to you,” smiled the Buddha, “and what cannot be said, I have given to Mahakashyapa.”

Mahakashyapa became Buddha’s successor from that day forward.

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global warming.jpg (JPEG Image, 411x267 pixels)

global warming.jpg (JPEG Image, 411x267 pixels)

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You were cupped!


9.5.2006 Update: Vulture Walk
7.9.2006 Update: Coming soon, behind the scenes.

What $40 in cups, a lot of free time, and motivation for a prank get you:

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Bathroom Toilet (it was more packed in than this by the end but no one took a picture)

Main Hallway

Living Room

Foreshadowing on the door

Quick Facts:

  • 2040 cups were purchased, but about 100 went unused due to some scares and some rushing at the end
  • All the cups are filled with varying amounts of water, making cleanup extra annoying
  • Cups were stacked atop doors and other high to reach places. Hopefully they notice before they attempt to close a door.
  • There were some other cool elements, like a whiteboard that proclaimed "You were cupped!" Wish there were pictures *ahem*
  • Many hidden cups remain to be found once the obvious ones are removed (hint: check behind the fish tank)
  • Don't feel bad for these guys; they've done many eviler pranks before

A more detailed page with more images and higher quality images will be put up later.

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piclicious.tv: Crazy Staircases

piclicious.tv: Crazy Staircases

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