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Friday, March 7, 2008


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The Harbin Ice Festival

When you want a unique travel destination or you just want to try something new, the annual Harbin Snow and Ice World. The temperature in Harbin reaches 40 below zero, both Fahrenheit and Celsius, and stays below freezing for more than 6 months at times. Harbin is a city in China, close to the Russian border, 300 miles away from the dreadfully cold Vladivostok. The festival officially runs from January 5 through February 15 and features amazing snow and ice sculptures made by talented artists. All the artists start from the same ice cube that they will have to turn it into a work of art.










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"To laugh oftenand much;To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children;To earn the approbation of honest critics and endure the betrayal offalse friends;To appreciate beauty;To find the best in others;To give of one’s self;To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a gardenpatch, or a redeemed social condition;To have played and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with exultation;To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived —This is to have succeeded."Ralph Waldo Emerson

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wtf hahAHAahhaa

Behold the Big MacChicken:




The whole time I was assembling the burger I kept reminding myself of the calories and fat content but it had to be done, for science of course.  After ordering 3 McChickens and a Big Mac I found a quiet corner of the restaurant and sat down and began dissecting the sandwiches.  The McChickens came apart easily and I stacked the buns to the side.  I kept some of the mayo on the patties as I knew that some sauce would be lost on the bun of the Big Mac.  Each bun was removed and immediately replaced with a chicken patty while trying to keep as much of the secret sauce, lettuce, onion and pickle intact on the burger patty.  The sandwich ended up being much taller than the Big Mac and was heavy for it’s size.  After looking around the restaurant to see if anyone was watching I dove in.


With the first bite I found myself going through a crunchy/juicy layer after layer and the texture was to die for.  Everything just worked.  Clouds split as a bright ray of sunshine beamed down to my table.  The elderly couple a few tables over started playing a harp as a unicorn walked by during my second bite.  I was in heaven for a few seconds then the guilt hit me.   Was I really doing this?  4 sandwiches at once?  I had to stop.  There was no way I could finish this monster.


Fast forward 35 minutes and I’m presently at my work desk and miserable.  Thoughts of running to the restroom to vomit are racing through my head.  I have a conference call in 20 minutes and I don’t know if I can make it.   Fuck.  Is it really my stomach that is aching or am I psychologically telling myself to vomit.  All I know is that my mind is telling me that the sandwich was absolutely delicious but my body is rejecting it.

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Fastest Autofocus [PIC]

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Not Always Right | Funny & Stupid Customer Quotes » Time To Stuff Someone’s Mailbox w/Flat Lids

Customer, upon receiving her Moolatte: “This has a round lid, can I have a flat lid?”

Me: “I’m sorry, the only lid that fits that cup is a dome lid.”

Customer: “But I want a flat lid, Starbucks always gets me a flat lid! Why can’t you?!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but the flat lids we have won’t fit that cup.”

Customer: “I want to speak with your manager.” *mutters* “Stupid kids…”

(I go and get my manager)

Manager: “What’s the problem, ma’am?”

Customer: “This stupid employee of yours won’t give me a flat lid!” *brandishes the drink in his face*

(My manager takes one of every single lid in the store and puts them in front of her)

Manager: “Go ahead then.”

Customer: *proceeds to try and put the lids on the cup, none of which fit* “This is ridiculous! Why don’t you have a flat lid?! Starbucks always has a flat lid!!”

Manager: “Then go buy your drinks there and leave my employees alone.”

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Facebook 'monitored by Al Qaeda' say Canadian military

Wired’s always diverting Danger Room military tech blog carries an unlikely but fascinating report about an internal Canadian Armed Forces memo warning serving personnel about social networks like Facebook.

According to the report, which was made public by Canada’s CBC news agency, the Canadian Defence Department is advising troops not to post personal photos or information on social networking websites because of security concerns.

It warns soldiers not to mention their military service in profiles or to appear in uniform in online photos because the networks are regularly monitored by Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

Brigadier-General Peter Atkinson warned of the dangers of logging on from a war zone. General Atkinson said that while sites like Facebook can be invaluable for keeping soldiers in touch with their families, seemingly innocuous photos, videos and news reports can be the source for as much as 80 per cent of the intelligence that insurgents gather on operations.

And you thought you had problems with your boss finding those terrible stag night pictures.

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New iPhone applications no threat to BlackBerry - FP Trading Desk

Apple iPhone's latest and greatest applications may attract new business users but Research in Motion Ltd. investors needn't worry, say analysts. There's lots still to like about the ongoing BlackBerry growth story.

Apple Inc. created big headlines at a media event Friday morning when it announced that iPhone will now support connections to Microsoft Exchange servers using ActiveSync, allowing users access to push email, calendars and contacts.

Apple also released a Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows third parties to create applications for iPhone and iPod Touch. Among the advantages of SDK, is the potential of turning iPhone's and iPod Touch's unique touch controls and accelerometer into compelling mobile gaming platforms.

Analysts viewed the announcement as positive for Apple, boosting their confidence that the company will achieve its 10 million unit target for iPhone sales in calendar year 2008.

RBC Capital analyst Mike Abramsky said in a note to clients that the MS Exchange integration will help the company gain traction with business users but added it should not threaten RIM's leading position in the segment.

"While offering a superior interface, browsing, design and media capabilities, iPhone lags BlackBerry when it comes to typing messages, for message-centric businesspeople," he wrote.

He added that RIM is likely to remain a favourite of IT departments, who are "notoriously fickle on manageability, control, support and security."

Mr. Abramsky continues to rate RIM shares an "outperform" with a US$140 price target. For Apple, he maintained his "outperform" rating and left his $175 price target unchanged. 

TD Newcrest analyst Chris Umiastowski, meanwhile,  reiterated his "buy" rating and US$140 price target on RIM shares.

While Apple's SDK and video game demonstrations may give customers reason to choose iPhone, he stands by his original argument regarding RIM vs. Apple.

Says Mr. Umiastowski: "We see RIM as fundamentally a product of messaging. People whose priorities are email, SMS and IM are more likely to purchase a BlackBerry, and people whose priorities revolve around music, pictures and mobile web browsing (reading, not interacting) are probably going to prefer an iPhone." 

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Sharper Image gift cards redeemable, with strings attached - San Francisco Business Times:

Gadget-seller Sharper Image Corp., which filed for bankruptcy protection last month, will start accepting customer gift cards again, but with some conditions.The San Francisco company (Pink Sheets: SHRP) will accept gift cards only if customers spend all the money on the card at one time and also buy something that costs twice as much as the value of the gift card. So if a customer wants to use a $25 gift card, they have to buy something worth at least $50.Sharper Image won't accept any partial gift card use though it said it may do so later.The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Feb. 19. It has 184 stores. Robert Conway is its CEO.

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Dialing up business use for iPhones - San Jose Mercury News

Apple stepped up its efforts to boost the iPhone - and has a surprise partner: venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

At a press event Thursday, KPCB partner John Doerr announced that the firm plans to invest $100 million to fund start-ups creating applications for the iPhone.

"We think the potential for the iPhone is huge," Doerr said.

Doerr's announcement followed other, expected news from Apple that it is releasing software tools to allow developers to create new applications for the iPhone and that it is updating the iPhone software to allow it to receive so-called push mail from Microsoft Exchange servers, putting the popular gadget in direct competition with the BlackBerry and Palm Treo.

Apple plans to release the software update in June. It will be free for iPhone users, but the company plans to charge a "nominal" fee to iPod touch owners.

Though unsurprising, the updates from Apple address some of the outstanding complaints about the iPhone, noted Van Baker, an analyst with Gartner, an industry research firm. Despite its popularity with consumers, the device has seen resistance from the corporate world because of its lack of integration with Exchange, the de facto standard for corporate e-mail.

As part of the new software update, iPhone users will be able to get e-mail pushed directly to their devices from their corporate mail servers, and they'll be able to sync their calendars and address books with their


company's Exchange server.

Additionally, addressing a security concern, corporate technology managers will be able to remotely delete data from lost or stolen devices.

"I'm impressed," Baker said.

During the event, Apple officials stressed the ease with which developers will be able to use the new development tools to create applications for the iPhone. The iPhone comes with a handful of programs pre-installed, including its address book and calendar, and it already allowed users to interact via a Web browser with applications on the Internet.

But the new tools will allow developers to create programs that users can install directly on their iPhones that will take full advantage of the operating system and that will run even when the devices aren't connected to the Internet.

Developers from Electronic Arts, Sega, AOL, Salesforce.com, Epocrates as well as Apple demonstrated sample applications that they'd built for the iPhone in a few days or weeks. AOL developers, for instance, created a version of the company's popular AIM messaging software for the device, while EA developers ported over a version of the company's eagerly awaited upcoming "Spore" game.

Apple released a test version of the software tools and the iPhone update Thursday. It plans to release a full version in June.

Developers will be able to distribute applications for the iPhone only through Apple. The company plans to allow iPhone users to directly download new applications to their devices via a special program to be included in the June software update. iPhone users will also be able to download and install applications through the company's iTunes software.

Apple plans to charge most programmers $99 to become an official iPhone developer. It will charge $299 to developers who are writing proprietary applications for use only inside a particular corporation.

The company also plans to take a 30 percent cut of any sales of developers' programs. But developers can set their own prices for software - including making them free. Apple doesn't plan to charge anything to distribute free applications.

But Apple doesn't plan to allow just any application on the device. It will filter out pornography or malicious software. It also will likely look closely at applications that could affect its relationships with its carrier partners.

While the company would allow a voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) program that allowed users to make phone calls over a WiFi Internet connection, it wouldn't allow such a program to make calls using the iPhone's cellular antenna, CEO Steve Jobs said. Similarly, the company won't distribute software that would unlock the iPhone from particular carrier partners so that it could be used with any wireless carrier, he said.

Already, KPCB is backing one unnamed company that is developing applications for the iPhone and is looking closely at funding a second one, Doerr said. The firm expects to hand out the so-called iFund's $100 million - and possibly more - over the next two to three years, fellow partner Matt Murphy said.

Apple saw big demand for the iPhone in its initial months, but sales over the holidays fell short of some analysts' expectations, and there have been more recent reports of slowing sales, particularly in Europe. Some analysts have argued that the company needs to soon release a new version of the iPhone to keep up with consumer expectations, particularly in Europe and Asia. Some analysts have reported that they expect Apple to release such a "3G" iPhone later this year.

Jobs declined to comment at the event on the company's hardware plans. But earlier in the week, he reiterated Apple's goal of selling 10 million iPhones this year.

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savage resume

kenjiBoy_resume by *kenji2030 on deviantART

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DARPA Working On Five Year Flight Aircraft » Dodevice

Darpa Aircraft

DARPA continues with it’s ambitious projects and now is working on it’s Vulture program, which will be an unmanned aicraft. As they say, it will be capable of flying without stopping for five years and will also carry up to 1,000 pounds and will have an onboard power of 5kW.

The Vulture will be able to keep it’s speed even at powerful winds that will encounter at altitudes of 60,000 to 90,000 feet. It should improve communication capabilities working as a pseudo-satellite flying in the stratosphere and not low Earth orbit, as usual satellites.

Daniel Newman, manager of the Vulture program stated that they “want to completely change the paradigm of how we think of aircraft” and to demonstrate aircraft capabilities. “Aviation has a perfect record - we’ve never left one up there. We will attempt to break that record.”

Yet they are only at the project phase, because they aren’t sure what energy cycle to use, having three possibilities. The first one, nuclear power, has been excluded due to risks. Another possible one is in-flight refueling and the aircraft would use fuel-cells, being more reliable than gas-turbine and internal-combustion engines. The third one is solar thermal or solar energy, along with the most possible one - solar electric - which is a tested and proven technology.

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Hungry Girl - Tips & Tricks for Hungry Chicks


Wendy's Chicken Club


McDonald's Sausage Breakfast Burrito


Burger King Enormous Omelet Sandwich


Arby's Beef 'n' Cheddar


KFC Famous Bowl


Subway six-inch turkey breast and ham sub


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