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Friday, March 7, 2008

Facebook 'monitored by Al Qaeda' say Canadian military

Wired’s always diverting Danger Room military tech blog carries an unlikely but fascinating report about an internal Canadian Armed Forces memo warning serving personnel about social networks like Facebook.

According to the report, which was made public by Canada’s CBC news agency, the Canadian Defence Department is advising troops not to post personal photos or information on social networking websites because of security concerns.

It warns soldiers not to mention their military service in profiles or to appear in uniform in online photos because the networks are regularly monitored by Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

Brigadier-General Peter Atkinson warned of the dangers of logging on from a war zone. General Atkinson said that while sites like Facebook can be invaluable for keeping soldiers in touch with their families, seemingly innocuous photos, videos and news reports can be the source for as much as 80 per cent of the intelligence that insurgents gather on operations.

And you thought you had problems with your boss finding those terrible stag night pictures.

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