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Saturday, March 22, 2008

another image!


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broken heart

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Robots in Disguise

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Archetype: The Fiction Writer's Guide to Psychology
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Flickr Photo Download: Imaginary Friend

Flickr Photo Download: Imaginary Friend
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Owen & Mzee

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September sunset

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Tiger Stalking

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crazy cat

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cool image

0,1020,1111506,00.jpg (JPEG Image, 750x516 pixels)
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Haru no Hitohira

Made for a school project based on a book of a French writer, Maxence Fermine, called "Neige" ("Snow"). "Haru no Hitohira" means "Spring's Flake" or "Flake of Spring", I don't know ^^.

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Eclipse 2006 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Eclipse 2006 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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fireworks silhouettes

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daisies on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

daisies on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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Painful Things Hillary Clinton Knows — Or Should Know

1. She can’t win the nomination without overturning the will of the elected delegates, which will alienate many Democrats.

2. She can’t win the nomination without a bloody convention battle — after which, even if she won, history and many Democrats would cast her as a villain.

3. Catching up in the popular vote is not out of the question — but without re-votes in Florida and Michigan it will be almost as impossible as catching up in elected delegates.

4. Nancy Pelosi and other leading members of Congress don’t think she can win and want her to give up. Same with superdelegate-to-the-stars Donna Brazile.

5. Obama’s skilled, close-knit staff can do things like silently kill re-votes in Florida and Michigan and not pay a political price.

6. Many of her supporters — and even some of her staffers — would be relieved (and even delighted) if she quit the race; none of his supporters or staff feel that way. Some think she just might throw in the towel in June if it appears efforts to fight on would hurt Obama’s general election chances.

7. The Rev. Wright story notwithstanding, the media still wants Obama to be the nominee — and that has an impact every day.

8. Obama might not be able to talk that well about the new global economy, but she (and McCain) can’t either.

9. Many of the remaining prominent superdelegates want to be for Obama and she (and Harold Ickes) are just barely keeping them from making public commitments to him.

10. She can’t publicly say more than 2% of all the things she would like to say about race, electability, beating McCain and experience.

11. If she somehow found a way to win the nomination, she would have to offer Obama the veep slot, and she doesn’t want to do that.

12. This is a change election, and Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton can never truly be change.

13. Obama is having fun most days, and she isn’t.

14. Even though her campaign staff is having more fun than it has for a long time, there’s hardly anyone there who, given half a chance, wouldn’t slit Mark Penn’s throat — and such internal dissension won’t help her in the home stretch.

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The Top 37 Inspirational, Thought Provoking,Quotations of Frederick Zappone

The way out of suffering is through it. Resist suffering and suffering increases. Acceptance, in the moment, that you are suffering will dissolve your suffering instantly.

• You are perfect in every way until you compare yourself with another.

• Your need to control things is based on the fear of things controlling you.

• What you worry about is what controls you.

• Every one of us is allowed to suffer in order that we can grow in compassion and sensitivity towards the suffering of others.

• When someone treats us unkindly we learn how to treat others with great kindness.

• Living successfully today requires us to leave the past behind us.

• Strangers can love you easier than family because strangers have no history with you that they can hold against you.

• Only people who live in fear feel the need to abuse others.

• Trying too hard is un-attractive (does not attract) and pushes away from us the very things we want.

• When you encounter obstacles or roadblocks that are between you and what you want out of life choose to be like the "wind and water" and "flow" up, over, around or under them rather than fighting them and giving them power over you.

• We become free to follow the desires of our heart when we are influenced more by our own thoughts than the thoughts of others.

• Happiness allows us to walk over the top of our problems while unhappiness allows us to drown in them.

• In life, we always have two choices about our circumstances; we can change our circumstances or we can change our attitude about our circumstances. Once we change our attitude, our circumstances change naturally.

• When we stop finding faults in ourselves, we will stop finding faults in others.

• A relaxed mind solves even the most difficult problems, in life, easily. A stressed out mind delays problems being solved. A closed mind prevents problems from being solved altogether.

• God most often answers our prayers in the form of an inspired thought or creative idea that either sets us free or moves us to tears.

• God lives in the moment. If you want to find God, live there too!

• Discarding the past and forgetting about the future by living in the moment will give you the peace of mind you seek.

• Being rejected is part of life, get over it.

• Life doesn't always go your way, don't take it personally.

• Most people are full of crap, love them anyway.

• If you care about you, others will too!

• Putting other people first all the time will put you back at the end of the line.

• Life is not difficult, it is only our thinking that makes it so..

• Find humor in your problems and they will seem smaller to you.

• Love won't solve the problems of the world but it certainly makes the ride worthwhile.

• Don't take yourself too seriously, no one else does.

• An overly generous heart can lead you to the poor house.

• Sometimes it hurts to think, that's why people get headaches.

• Creating prosperity is "simple" to do and yet many people judge that "simple thought" as "too good too be true" while never judging the thought that scarcity and lack of money are "too bad to be true".

• The one real weakness we have is underestimating the part our very own thoughts played in creating the circumstances we have in our life today.

• Every thought we think is a prayer to God.

• The only reason people don't have their prayers answered is because they quit praying before their prayer request is fulfilled.

• Expressing sincere prayers of gratitude for what we have guarantees that we will have more.

• When you see all that you do as God's sees it, perfect in every way, the universe begins supplying you with evidence that validates God's truth that what you do "is" perfect in every way...

• Any time you are feeling negative, you are not loving and approving of yourself. If you were loving and approving of yourself, you would never feel negative.

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bookshelf on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

bookshelf on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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BitTorrent Sites Show Explosive Growth | TorrentFreak

Top 25 torrent sites March 2007

Rank # Torrent Site Alexa Rank (Dec 07) Alexa Rank (Mar 08) Change (%)
1. mininova.org 63 53 + 19 %
2. ThePirateBay.org 182 130 + 40 %
3. isohunt.com 170 147 + 16 %
4. Torrentz.com 231 192 + 20 %
5. BtJunkie.org 689 469 + 47 %
6. torrentspy.com 376 585 - 36 %
7. TorrentReactor.net 909 616 + 48 %
8. GamesTorrents.com 942 641 + 47 %
9. TorrentPortal.com 699 697 no change
10. btmon.com 924 743 + 24 %
11. sumotorrent.com 1,894 1,101 + 72 %
12. myBittorrent.com 1,861 1,454 + 28 %
13. animesuki.com 1,738 1,473 + 18 %
14. Fulldls.com 1,448 1,646 - 12 %
15. bitdig.com 5,805 1,945 + 300 %
16. torrentz.ws 7,990 1,991 + 400 %
17. newtorrents.info 3,348 2,272 + 47 %
18. Torrent-Finder.com 3,404 2,635 + 29 %
19. TorrentBox.com 2,812 2,686 + 5 %
20. Fenopy.com 3,102 2,901 + 7 %
21. torrentvalley.com 5,276 3,014 + 75 %
22. youtorrent.com 3,107 New!
23. TorrentReactor.to 3,016 3,313 - 9 %
24. www.zoozle.org 4,669 3,369 + 39 %
25. www.seedpeer.com 3,992 3,449 + 16 %
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fredflare.com | retro block iPod speaker

Would you have ever guessed that your
old toys would one day be playing all of
your fave tunes?! Fun speaker runs off
of iPod’s energy and no batteries are
required! Plus signs are your speakers
with volume buttons in between! Plug
this compact mini dock right into your
iPod and rock out at your desk! Works
with all iPod varieties. Approx. 2.5”x1”

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Movie Online - Why Women Need To Stop Watching Romantic Movies

Why Women Need To Stop Watching Romantic Movies PDF Print
Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Serena Withney
I’ve noticed something over the years with my girl friends who are single or who are not happy in their relationships. They LOVE watching romantic comedies and dramas. One phrase you can pretty much guarantee hearing when you have a girl’s night in watching romantic movies that all star anyone who has grazed the cover of People’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ issue is, “Why can’t I meet a guy like that?” Well ladies, it’s because…THERE ARE NONE. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not a man-hater. I’m just saying movies depict men in an unrealistic way, therefore causing many women to have unrealistically high expectations of what makes a good boyfriend/husband. So, I thought I would make up a list and point out the many movie myths when it comes to the male gender.




Okay, let’s start with the easy one first. In movies, women always usually fall for the handsome lead. Thus, causing women in real life to use that celebrity or character as a basis of comparision regarding their own relationships. As much as I would love to be taken by Boris Kodjoe, it’s most likely not going to happen.




In almost every romantic comedy or drama I’ve seen, the male lead will usually profess his undying love to the female lead (usually after a huge fight or temporary breakup) in these long and lengthy speeches that make Hamlet’s soliloquies look short, and that also usually make most womens’ hearts melt. Movies like ‘Disturbia,‘ ‘Jerry Maguire,’ and ‘Chasing Amy’ are all notorious for this. This causes many women to get depressed, because usually the closest thing a woman gets to getting a man to profess their love to her is when he gives her(voluntarily) the last chicken wing off his plate.




Tell me if this sounds familiar. Boy meets girl. Girl is repulsed by boy. Boy keeps hounding girl. Girl eventually caves in and falls for once repulsive boy. Movies like ‘One Fine Day,’ ‘Something New,’ ‘Six Days and Seven Nights‘ and many others have all had female leads that literally treat the men like sh*t, and yet the men STILL pursue the women after being constantly rejected by them. Girls, let me tell that although playing hard to get and having a little attitude may help you catch a guy, treating the object of your affection like sh*t will get you nothing more than a “angry booty call” out of him.




In the obligatory sex scenes in romantic movies, we usually see two bodies mesh in a perfectly choreographed way and the woman always has the most intense orgasm. We usually forget the first time with someone usually involves awkward positions and “shortcomings.” (If you catch my drift)




A few years ago, I got mad at my long term boyfriend at the time because he hadn’t done anything romantic for me. (i.e. Grand f*cking Gestures) How I longed for him to serenade me off key like Jerry O’ Connell and Adam Sandler did for their ladies in ‘Scream 2′ ( yup..even horror films are guilty of this) and ‘The Wedding Singer.’ Or for him to even carry me out of my workplace like Richard Gere carried Debra Winger out of the factory in ‘An Officer and a Gentleman.’ I remember him being angry at me after that…because I hadn’t appreciated all the little things he had done that were so much more important. :(




In fact he probably won’t chase you period. How many movies have you seen where the couple onscreen get into a fight, and the woman runs away, and the man catches up with her and turns her around to give her a passionate kiss? (I’ve lost count after ‘The Notebook.’) Let me tell you, that hardly happens. The only passionate thing I’ve gotten when I storm off after a fight is the finger.




I remember years ago I went to a psychic and they had told me that the man I loved was going to stop my wedding in the future. It was then, I realized I was getting jipped. Every woman has probably daydreamed in their lifetime about the one true love of their life stopping their wedding (like they do in the movies) and driving off on their motorcycle, (never understood that) and living happily ever after. Honestly, if that fantasy were to happen, it wouldn’t go down like that. You would probably be surrounded by debt (due to the costs of the wedding you skipped out on) and probably living in some remote place due to the fact that your jilted groom has probably put a hit on you and your “one true love.” Isn’t it just romantic? (Now I really hope the psychic is going to be wrong!)


Although our relationships may not seem as glamourous as they do in the movies, women (or the women around me at least) need to realize a man does not need to wear a cape or ride a valiant steed to be our hero or knight in shining armor. Honestly, forget movies’ perception of men, and deal with men for how they are and not how you would like them to be. If men did the same thing women did when watching their action movies, they would expect us to have perfect hair and make-up 24/7, an incurable sexual desire, and no PMS.


That’s just my take on the subject. Are there any other movie myths I’m leaving out?

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ny life towr

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Flickr Photo Download: ***

Flickr Photo Download: ***
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A Load of Pins

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Lovely autumn day in Rondane National Reservat, Norway

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dancing building

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easter is back WITH A VENGEANCE

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Tyna - Oswego, NY

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Just pretty

MPj04286190000[1].jpg (JPEG Image, 1105x737 pixels) - Scaled (75%)
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$100 laptop prototypes

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$100 laptop prototypes

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Ruby-throated Hummingbird

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Wicklow Mountains, Ireland

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5 years too many

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dress-coming.jpg (JPEG Image, 720x540 pixels)

dress-coming.jpg (JPEG Image, 720x540 pixels)
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Chinese made cellphone lasts 2 years without charging - Gadgetell

Imagine buying a phone, signing up for a data plan, and never having to walk near a wall charger again. With this generic new touchscreen phone from China, now you can. With a 3-inch touchscreen, a 1.3-megapixel camera, four built-in speakers, dual-SIM card support, and a whopping 2-year long manufacturer-rated battery life, this just might prove to be “the last mobile phone you’ll ever need.” It also has Bluetooth, an MP3 player, an e-book reader and handwriting recognition in both the English and Chinese language. I think it’s about time the big players in the handset market came around and tried to find out just how China men manage to churn out phones like these. Just what do they fuel these phones with? God?2-year chinese cellphone

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Mega Gadget Picdump - Stuggi Town




Google Future


wohnen / living


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Marc and Angel Hack Life

Self Improvement

Personal Development with The Positivity Blog

HowStuffWorks: Health Daily RSS Feed

PickTheBrain | Smarter Self Improvement

I will change your life . com