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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Outs and Odds in Poker | Pokertard

How to Calculate Outs and Odds in Poker

Back in the post about Pot Odds, we discussed knowing the odds of making your hand in relation to the size of the bet you are facing and the size of the pot to be won. But, how do you know the odds of making your hand?

1. Count the number of cards that will give you the hand you need to win at showdown. For instance, if you have four cards to the flush, and there are 13 cards of each suit, you have 9 outs (13-4=9).

2. At this point, there will be 46 unseen cards. These are all of the cards left in the deck, the muck, and your opponents' hands. They are all unseen to YOU. Divide the unseen cards (46) by the outs (9) and you get 5.1

3. Subtract 1, and you have your odds: 4.1 to 1

The table below can be memorized, or you can keep it handy when playing online:

Outs Odds
1 45 to 1
2 22 to 1
3 14.3 to 1
4 10.5 to 1
5 8.2 to 1
6 6.7 to 1
7 5.6 to 1
8 4.75 to 1
9 4.1 to 1
10 3.6 to 1
11 3.2 to 1
12 2.8 to 1
13 2.5 to 1
14 2.2 to 1
15 2.1 to 1
16 1.9 to 1
17 1.7 to 1
18 1.6 to 1

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