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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Favorite Flavor

Favorite Flavor
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Ramblings of a Frantic Home Cook - Home cooking, Recipes, Healthy, Frugal

Ramblings of a Frantic Home Cook - Home cooking, Recipes, Healthy, Frugal
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madlen4a's profile - StumbleUpon

madlen4a's profile - StumbleUpon
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Social Media Wiki - Social Media

Social Media Wiki - Social Media
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my_own_little_world_700.jpg (JPEG Image, 448x700 pixels)

my_own_little_world_700.jpg (JPEG Image, 448x700 pixels)
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Untitled Document

Untitled Document
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Speed Racer: Too Much Speed?

It is sufficient to drop a single name in order to offer some clues about a new movie premiere: Wachowski. And moviegoers will already know that the production features overwhelming high-tech effects that would take their breath away.

Andy and Larry Wachowski are masters of the green-screen effects and from this point of view “Speed Racer,” which opens this week-end, is a masterpiece in the domain. Based on the 1960s’ Japanese animation series “Mach GoGoGo,” which were initially inspired by a comic book of the genre, “Speed Racer” is an ineffable blend of elements of reality and of fiction, presented under the most surprising hi-tech wrapping paper.

The masterminds behind “The Matrix” haven’t forgotten the recipe that made their 1999 work so successful: apart from the stunning effects, they also combined subtle cultural elements, like the theme of believing only in one’s reality. Therefore, “Speed Racer” does not elude cultural themes, like the union of family, or the antagonistic relationship between individual and enterprise.

“Speed Racer” follows the precedent set by last week’s premiere, Jon Favreau’s “Iron Man,” and focuses on becoming a super-hero based on one’s own talent, rather than on other external forces, like a genetic mutation or the bite of a spider. Therefore, no more Spiderman, the cinematographic focus is now on self-determination.

As the title of the movie reveals, “Speed Racer” will feature extraordinary races at a head-spinning speed; actually, the movie lasts 2 hours and 9 minutes at the same high speed.  Apart from the extraordinary adventures depicted, the movie highlights once again its fiction, given the undisclosed time and setting; it may be set in some suburbs in the US, and it may be set in the present or the glorious days of the ‘60s.

A serious Emile Hirsch plays the movie’s protagonist, Speed, a young boy passionate about cars, determined to follow up the example of his elder brother Rex. The latter had been a successful car racer until he mysteriously died in a car crash, but not for a moment has he ceased to be a role model for Speed. Then we have Speed’s Dad (John Goodman), a mechanic turned into a car designer, Mom (Susan Sarandon), sensible and sensitive, and the youngest of all, Spritle (Paulie Litt). Speed is also supported by his girlfriend, Trixie (Christina Ricci). From the original cast of the TV series, we also have mechanic Sparky (Kick Gurry) and the pet monkey Chim Chim.

Unfortunately, Speed discovers that behind races there are other interests and declining to be part of them, he will have to face the machinations of Royalton (Roger Allam). The Racers team up to help Speed and Mach 5 win the competition and reverse the disgrace Rex had fallen into.

Apart from the extraordinary races and the vivid, splashing colors the movie provides, there are also some other things interesting enough to be mentioned. Like the fact that none of the cars in the races was real, as they were entirely created by computer masters. The circuits of the races were projected to bear close resemblance to theme parks, where cars hurdle terrifyingly. 

Even though the latest Wachowski production officially targets kids, the additional themes that revolve around the central one of the race make the movie pleasurable and entertaining for parents alike. The fictive adventures convey many messages, such as talent and determination are the quintessence of success, one should follow their dream (no matter what corporate hindrances may appear), or that the union family is not obsolete.  

Speed Racer: Too Much Speed?
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10 Steps to Avoid Becoming a Millionaire | No Debt Plan

Ten Steps to Avoid Becoming a Millionaire

  1. Accept whatever salary an employer offers. Negotiating is a hard, scary process. Don’t bother with it and just be happy you have a job.
  2. Don’t try to improve yourself at work. Stick to the status quo. Act like you’re in a union. Only do what you are told to do. Ignore naysayers or people warning you of an upcoming layoff.
  3. Never leave the company you work for. Unless you are fired or laid off, don’t leave your current employer. Remember, they gave you a shot! You owe it to them to stick around for as long as possible.
  4. Don’t track how much you earn and spend. Budgeting by far is the most difficult thing to do in personal finance. It takes a lot of time and can expose our true financial selves. That can be painful. Just don’t do it.
  5. Spend more than you earn. If the credit card company is willing to let you pay off that plasma TV next year, why shouldn’t you? You’re in your prime! You can save later and catch up. It’ll be easy then. But for now, that Porsche Boxster, 4,000 sq. ft. house for two, and an exercise machine look mighty fine.
  6. Ignore work benefits. 401k plan? Sounds kind of funny to me. Why would the company want to give me money? Plus, I’d miss that 3% in every paycheck. Honest. I’m actually going to write an entire post on this soon, so stay tuned.
  7. Ignore your tax withholdings. Huge refund checks at the end of the year always save you from financial disaster. Why would you ever want to change that? It’s so much easier to just get the big check after tax season.
  8. Don’t open any IRAs. You’re already doing that darn 401k thing — that’s more than enough! 3% of your income already hurts. Plus, doesn’t IRA stand for Independent Righteous Arsenal?
  9. Invest sometime later. Remember, you’ve got bills to pay. There isn’t enough money to sit aside for investing. Just wait. You’ll use next year’s raise, or wait until the kids move out of the house. Then you’ll have time and money.
  10. Saving is complicated. Those guys on late night TV with the $99 investment programs must have gotten it lucky. Now look at them — making money by sharing their tips with the world. Hold on. I’ll be right back. I need to go order one.

Phew, that was hard. Time to go be a couch potato. Or maybe I’ll keep sitting here…

10 Steps to Avoid Becoming a Millionaire | No Debt Plan
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Robyn - Eclipse

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Inspirational and Christian HUMOR -- A Mother's Wisdom.

After I had children I realized there was a lot of information left out of the first time parenting manuals. Although most of them mention what to expect when you're expecting, or give advice on what to do during childbirth, none of them mention what you're really in for during the next eighteen years. So, for what it's worth, here is a collection of household tips, motherly wisdom, and observations I have acquired.

Houshold tips:

  • It is possible to make a bottle, change a diaper, and wind the automatic swing without remembering your full name or the day of the week.

  • It is possible to take a knot out of wet shoelaces with your teeth.

  • You don't need to figure out how to work the sewing machine to be a good mother.

  • Girl Scout patches can be attached with a hot glue gun and stapler.

  • Any machine that makes homemade bread or sews makes a good car jack.

Time Management:

  • There is no such thing as a quick walk around the block with children. Every five steps you will have to stop to pick a flower in your neighbor's yard, toss a large rock, and wait for a snail to move.

  • During the first eight seconds of a phone conversation, it is possible for children to go into the refrigerator, stuff an entire box of raisins up their nose, eat all of the expensive cheese, and hog-tie the cat with the jumprope.

  • Trying to dress a toddler in a hurry is more difficult than stuffing a giant octopus into a loose mesh bag.

On Giving:

  • It's possible to make a gift out of a shoebox, scotchtape, and aluminum foil.

  • Grandparents will love a gift made out of a shoebox, scotch tape, and aluminum foil.

  • Any toy that requires assembly will never look like the picture on the box.

  • Any toy that requires assembly will never be as fun to play with as the box.


  • Red Popsicles and yellow Kool-Aid will make an orange stain on white silk blouse.

  • Nothing will get peanut butter out of the VCR.

  • Be suspicious of any food that comes in blue.


  • No matter how many hours you spend packing the car for a quick trip to the store, you will always forget the one item the baby will need the most.

  • You can create extra space in your livingroom by putting the wooden blocks under the footrest of the recliner, stacking the Legos around the television set, and sliding the Hot Wheels track between the encyclopedia collection in the bookshelf. Or you can save time by moving all of your furniture into the garage.

  • Most ovens are large enough to store train track, a stack of puzzles, and a Barbie Camper.


  • There is no such thing as a bad singing voice.

  • Learn to paint with your fingers and make mud-pies with your toes without worrying about what the carpet will look like.

  • A paper with a purple crayon scribble on it might be a masterpiece to your child.

Inalienable truths:

  • Treat your children the way you want other people to treat them.

  • Never leave a PTA meeting to use the restroom.

  • There will never be a realistic "mother-of-two" Barbie.

  • The most important things you know about being a mother -- you learn from your children.
Inspirational and Christian HUMOR -- A Mother's Wisdom.
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Fastest Cars In The World: Top 10 List 2007-2008 - SuperCars

World’s Fastest Cars

While most of us can only dream of owning the fastest car in the world, some will do whatever it takes to possess such speed and power.So, how fast are the fastest cars in the world? Here is the 10 fastest cars available on the market measures by top speed.

1.SSC Ultimate Aero: 257 mph+, 0-60 in 2.7 secs. Twin-Turbo V8 Engine with 1183 hp, base price is $654,400. Tested in March 2007 by Guinness world records, The SSC Ultimate Aero takes the lead as the fastest car in the world beating Bugatti Veyron.

Fastest Car In The World ssc ultimate aero

2.Bugatti Veyron: 253 mph+, 0-60 in 2.5 secs. Aluminum, Narrow Angle W16 Engine with 1001 hp, base price is $1,444,000. With the highest price tag, no wonder this is rank #2.

bugatti veyron most expensive car in the world

3. Koenigsegg CCX: 250 mph+, 0-60 in 3.2 secs. 90 Degree V8 Engine 806 hp, base price is $695,000. Made in Sweden, it is expected to take #1 spot in the future.

koenigsegg ccx

4.Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo: 248 mph+, 0-60 in 3.2 secs. Twin Turbo All Aluminum V8 Engine with 750 hp, base price is $555,000. Smooth and bad-ass, will make you want to show it off non-stop.

saleen s7 twin turbo

5.McLaren F1: 240 mph+, 0-60 in 3.2 secs. BMW S70/2 60 Degree V12 Engine with 627 hp, base price is $970,000. Check out the doors, they looks like bat wings, maybe Batman need to order one and paints it black mclaren f1

6.Ferrari Enzo: 217 mph+, 0-60 in 3.4 secs. F140 Aluminum V12 Engine with 660 hp, base price is $670,000. Only 399 ever produced, the price goes up every time someone crashes.ferrari enzo

7.Jaguar XJ220: 217 mph+, 0-60 in 4.0 secs. Twin Turbo V6 Engine with 542 hp, base price is $345,000. Made in 1992, this car still got what it takes to make the list.

jaguar xj 220

8.Pagani Zonda F: 215 mph+, 0-60 in 3.5 secs. Mercedes Benz M180 V12 Engine with 650 hp, base price is $741,000. With a V12 motor, this baby can do much better.pagani zonda f

9.Lamborghini Murcielago LP640: 213 mph+, 0-60 in 3.3 secs. V12 Engine with 640 hp, base price is $430,000. Nice piece of art, the design is very round and smooth.

lamborghini murcielago fastest car in the world rank 9

10. Porsche Carrera GT: 209 mph+, 0-60 in 3.9 secs. Aluminum, 68 Degree, Water Cooled V10 Engine with 612 hp, base price is $440,000. The Porsche most expensive car made the list as #10.

porsche carrera gt rank 10 fastest car in the world

December 19th, 2007
Fastest Cars In The World: Top 10 List 2007-2008 - SuperCars
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beta238.gif (GIF Image, 263x240 pixels)

beta238.gif (GIF Image, 263x240 pixels)
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