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Friday, May 9, 2008

5 Ideas For Special Promotions to Increase Sales to Current Customers | Top Sites Fitness Search Engine Optimization for Fitness Communities

Selling something? Maybe you are a personal trainer selling services, perhaps you have an eBook for sale, heck maybe you just want more visitors to sign up for your newsletter. In all these cases, we try to look for a way to convert more of our current customers and clients. After all, it’s not enough to bring in more visitors because we want them to enjoy our content, but we also want our current visitors to act upon a call to action.

Converting Regular Visitors

While you are increasing the visibility of your newly optimized content, why not also look for ways to increase response from your current traffic too? One way to increase conversions with your current traffic is to offer a special promotion.

Here are 5 ideas that you can use for special promotions:

  1. Seasonal promotions. Around the new year, everyone is looking to act on their resolutions. What a perfect time to offer a 2 for 1 sale on exercise equipment, a discount on gym memberships, or an incentive to refer friends and family for personal training services.
  2. A special offer or a discount on a product featured prominently on your home page. Choose a product or service, not your best seller but instead something that is moderately popular. Offer a tight discount (but not too tight) in order to increase sales and perhaps you’ll have a new best seller on your hands.
  3. Using your top seller to upsell secondary products. Switch around the concept in #2 and instead offer your best seller at full price, but include one of your middle-of-the-road products or services at a 50% discount. This allows you to benefit from your top selling product or service and also drive up sales of something in the middle tier too.
  4. Coupon promotions. Saving money isn’t enough incentive. Like any promotional advertisement, coupons should be designed to entice the consumer to actually redeem the discount. If the coupon is being distributed via bulk delivery, it must stand out among many other coupons. Here are some specific elements you should keep in mind when creating a coupon.
    • Clear, Concise Text Detailing Offer and Terms

    • Face Value

    • Product Image

    • Proper Bar Code, If Relevant

    • Any Necessary Legal Copy

    • Expiration Date

    • Company Name & Address

    • Offer or Tracking Code

  5. Contests. Find a prize of interest to your target audience and hold a contest. Be sure to come up with a contest idea that will generate results that you can use. It might be a contest where all current members suggest an improvement to the site, and the best idea wins. Perhaps a self improvement contest would be best, considering the industry. The top 5 fat loss participants might win free supplements for instance.
  6. Bonus Tip: Consider free samples if it applies to your niche.

You can take these ideas and run with them. The most important questions to ask yourself when creating a promotion are:

  • How will this promotion provide value to my customers and clients?
  • How can I use this promotion to upsell additional products?

By combining the popularity of your products and services with proper promotions, you will be able to constantly improve upon past sales revenue, just by marketing properly to your existing customers.

Increasing sales with your current traffic is just as nice as bringing in new traffic. When deciding what you will do, offer something priced for the spontaneous buyer.

5 Ideas For Special Promotions to Increase Sales to Current Customers | Top Sites Fitness Search Engine Optimization for Fitness Communities
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