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Friday, May 9, 2008

The benefits of drinking beer every day | Beer Utopia

Beer improves metabolism, and many doctors consider that it is better to drink beer often (maybe every day), but with moderate portions (100-200 ml), than rarely but with huge portions.

1. Beer strengthens cordial muscle.
There are lots of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus in beer and it is excellent prophylaxis of myocardial infarction (heart attack), hypertension and heart failure. And nonalcoholic beer and dark beer of some brands could decreases the possibility of blood coagulability and thus decreases the risk of clots formation.

2. Beer appeases and cheers up.
Hops bitterness renders drowse, and alkaloid isomorphine which is in hop by chemical characteristics is analogous to morphine.

3. Beer withdraws uric stones.
Many sorts of beer withdraw uric stones. It happens like that: potassium intensifies natrium and chlorine segregation by kidneys, and urine formation deeply increases. Thus demineralization of organism happens and uric stones are being withdrawn.

4. Beer softens skin and enlarges breast.
In XVI century pharmaceutical chemists recommended women to wash themselves with beer in order to have soft skin. And Prussian Queen Louise who had flat breast was advised to drink beer and smear her breast with beer three times per day.

5. Beer strengthen bones.
Beer is the main source of silicon. This mineral plays a large role in strength of bone and muscle system.

6. In 100 grams of beer are only 37 Kcal.
To compare in 100 gram of kefir − 59 Kcal. That means that drinking beer after work is not so harmful for the figure. And so called “beer bellies” form not from beer but from sausages to beer.

7. Beer is good for mental work.
There are lots of group B and P vitamins in malt and hop, and they improve mental activity.

8. Beer hastens hair growth.
And vitamins B and P affect hair growth. It is recommended to make nourishing masks from beer for hair once a week. And if you wet your clean hair with beer and then use hair rollers – after that you will get tight and bright ringlets.

9. Beer is good while having cold.
Beer has bactericidal behaviour, if you drink warm beer while having cold or flu, it is possible to recover faster. In Medieval times during plague and cholera epidemic brewery workers rarely were ill. And while having toothache before teeth were rinsed with beer.

10. Beer is good for male potency.
Zinc which is in beer is good for male potency and it prevents prostate inflammation.

Ok I am off for another pint. Hey it’s good for me.

The benefits of drinking beer every day | Beer Utopia
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