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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What Guys Never Notice on a Date! | Love Chit Chat

Ladies, what is it exactly that a guy look at, when you’re out on a date with him? Doesn’t matter if it’s the first, Third, or the ninetieth. You may be stressing up on a lot of things while you’re decking for him. But there are a few important things to you, that may not matter to your man. Or worse, to be brutally frank, he may not even realise it!

Your labels

Jimmy Choo shoes? And… wait a minute, is that a Balenciaga handbag? Nice. But don’t bother clinging to it when you’re out with him. He’s never going to know about it, And that could be the first thing he’d throw out of the couch when he wants to get frisky in his place! So unless you want half your mind on your jimmy choo’s and his pet dog, and the other half on him, don’t bother going haute couture on him.

The importance of gifts or gift wraps

Men do think about giving women gift, but they don’t really put in an effort to pick the perfect wrapper. Men think it’s a total waste of time because it’s going to come off anyways. As long as the present is great, it’s all cool for them. (But then why do they care about how hot our dress looks)

Your new haircut

Your New HaircutSo you took yourself out, snazzed and mussed your hair up perfectly to get yourself that clean ‘got up from bed’ ruffle, at one of the biggie salons wher cocoa tastes like it was straight from the Aztecs. Sweet! But if you’re going to primp yourself up that good, dont’t hate your date if he’s not going to compliment it. Heck, don’t feel worse if he doesn’t even realise that you’ve got a new cut.

Your Hidden flaws

Can you see it? Your jeans are feeling a wee bit extra tight today? you’re sure? Hmm… and we’re guessing you checked that with your crystal designer vernier callipers? Lady, your man doesn’t know if you’ve got a new hairdo, how could he possibly know about that buttered cookie you had with breakfast?

The effort you’ve taken to look nice

It may have taken you three houres to look the way you looked on your date. The clean shave, the scented waters, the perfect curls, and the minutes, and another five in front of the mirror. He just wouldn’t be able to know how much you’ve worked on yourself to look that good for him. So don’t bother about it. But when he says “you look beautiful”, he really means it! Awwww!

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What Guys Always Notice!

Your assets

Is it your first date? It doesn’t matter though. A guy would have grazed your rack or your super-sexy back at least a few times when you’re not looking every guy you’re dating would check you out at some point of time on the date.


How much skin are you flashing? All guys would definitely notice this. But don’t be too certain that the equation of ‘more skin equals more attention’ always works. Some guys would break into an uncomfortable sweat if you do a ‘Basic Instinct’!

Your aura

Nice CoupleAre you in control of the situation? Can you handle it if you’re halfway through a date, and both of you bump into a close friend of his? A guy loves it when she can laugh back at his friend and show that she’s ah.. a ‘woman of substance’. He want all his pals to know that you are the hottest thing around, and he’d definitely fall promptly in love if he sees your positive aura, whatever may be the situation.

Your cute habits

Do you have cute way of smiling, or tucking your hair behind your ear? Or is it something else? Guys dig that! And if there’s one thing that a guy takes back as a memory from the date, it would be this one.

Your smell

He may not know too many of your labels, but his nose can always recognise a good fragrance. A woman’s fragrance is intoxicating, and a man could go giddy while whispering near your ears.

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