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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

6 Crazy Cures For Your Common Ailments! » Health Watch Center

1. Music to beat back pain:

back pain cureA 20 percent reduction in pain can be experienced by simply listen to music for an hour every day.

Results should start to present themselves after about a week.

This is due to the disruption of your mind to music thus resulting in muscle relaxation.

Simply switching on the radio and leaving yourself to relax doesn’t provide such relief however.

You need to pick your own tunes to experience the full effect.

Listening to the songs preferred by someone else doesn’t usually provide maximum results.

2. Text messages to quit smoking:

quit smokingAccording to researchers, if you receive daily text messages which include tips on beating cravings with motivational words from those who share your desire to stop smoking or help you stop smoking, then you have twice the chance to kick the habit.

When you have finally decided to stop smoking, set a quit date and then log on to backpackit.com.

Here you can write text messages for yourself and then have them sent on specific days and times.

In the text messages you can include words for encouraging and reminding yourself just how important your choice to quit is for you health.

After that, pick up your phone and go to message options and create a list of your family and friends. Every smoker has relatives or close friends who possess little patience for their nasty and potentially deadly habit.

Send a text message to all of them requesting their encouragement on your quitting day and the days that follow.

3. Didgeridoo to treat sleep apnea:

treat sleep apneaDidgeridoo is a wind instrument of the indigenous peoples of northern Australia.

It has been described as a natural wooden trumpet or drone pipe. This instrument is used to treat sleep apnea, a temporary suspension of breathing caused by flaccid throat muscles.

By playing an aboriginal trumpet sleep apnea can be cured — it tones your throat and mouth muscles.

When the mouth and throat muscles are fortified, the tongue has less chance to block your airways.

The most frequently prescribed choice is continuous positive airway pressure. This consists of spending every night hooked up to an instrument that forces oxygen down your throat to prevent it from collapsing.

Another option for treating sleep apnea is surgery, and this technique has proven to be only 30-60 percent effective.

4. Blue light to defeat bad breath:

defeat bad breathExposing the oral cavity to blue wavelengths of light can assist those of you with persistently bad breath.

Try to replace the light bulbs over your bathroom sink with blue lights.

Along with this, follow your normal twice-a-day routine of flossing, brushing, scraping your tongue, and gargling.

5. Botox to fix your enlarged prostate:

fix enlarged prostateA study suggested that Botox may offer a new option for men who suffer from severe symptoms of enlarged prostate.

Medicinally this condition is called as benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Botox injections in their prostate can give a 30% improvement in these symptoms.

This is an effective option for young men who don’t want to take pills and have surgery; both can cause side-effects, varying from fatigue to erectile dysfunction.

6. Cherries to restore your muscles:

restore your musclesRecover from a brutal workout by consuming 12 ounces of cherry juice.

Drinking a tall glass of cherry juice twice in a day can give you more strength and faster pain relief.

Paramount is the timing. It is better to have the juice after lifting or any other high-intensity workout.

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