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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Frugal Weight Loss Program : My Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the biggest challenges that faces us all; in particular it seems that Americans are obsessed with weight loss, or maybe we’re just obsessed with eating? Anyhow, these are some non-traditional, but very helpful weight loss tips.

1. Get An Accountability Partner. I started with this because many people would think this is the same old stuff just re-hashed. Find someone you trust, and ideally someone who has about the same amount of weight to lose as you do.

2. Get A Physical. Did you know that having an under active Thyroid can contribute to weight gain or the inability to lose weight? Ask your doctor to check this when he does your blood work. Also, get baselines on your cholesterol and triglycerides so you can watch them improve if they are out of line. Don’t have insurance? Here is a discount medical plan that will help you affordably make your doctor appointment and get your blood work done.

3. Drink Water. And nothing else. This may be a stretch for some, but it is easy to consume lots of sugars in soft drinks, and even juices. Diet sodas just don’t cut it in my book because they use toxins as sweeteners and toxins keep you fat.

4. Detox. I have a friend who literally lost 80 pounds by detoxing. When you see your doctor ask her about detoxing. Keep in mind that many traditional doctors are not educated in the realm of detoxification, so you might want to seek out a naturopathic MD to discus this with.  A great detox program (the one my friend used) is available through Isagenix.

5.  Walk.  With regard to exercise, my father always says “walking is free”.  I understand if you live in an area where the weather gets bad and you can’t walk.  I think that is why many people put on extra weight in the winter.  Maybe you’ll just have to do what I did and move to the great southwest :-)

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