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Friday, March 28, 2008

EcoFuss » Portable PowerCube Produces Renewable Energy

Portable PowerCube Produces Renewable Energy


The PowerCube is portable solar generator which produces energy without emissions, heat or noise. The developer of the one ton device is called Reluminati and you can buy it for about $25,000. You might wonder what makes it so portable although it weighs one ton. Well, if you dispose of a forklift then you won’t have any problem with the solar generator that measures 6×4x4 feet.

The PowerCube produces 600 watts of continuous energy with the help of three solar panels and six Marine 200 Amp batteries. The components of the device are very safe and the design is innovative, also if you want more power you can link one cube to another to form a chain of power.

The PowerCube is ready to use as soon as exits the factory and you can use for both off and on grid, for either short or long terms. According to its designers, the cube uses an innovative plug-and-play design which is also unique on the market.

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