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Friday, March 28, 2008

7 Concrete Ways To Combat Negativity | PersonaDev

7 Concrete Ways To Combat Negativity

7 Strong Ways To Combat Negativity

Everyone has a few people in their life that just refuse to appreciate the success of others. Despite any achievement you may complete, goal you may reach, or any pride you may feel, these cynics act the wet-blanket and find a way to rain on your parade.

These people come in many denominations. They can be younger or older, richer or poorer, close friends and relatives or mere acquaintances, but they are always there.

In general, odds are they are pessimistic towards your success because they are jealous or even fearful of it. However, knowing this is often not enough to deal with their negativity.

Here are 7 ways to manage such negativity, keep your aspirations high, and stay on track to a happy, successful life.

  1. Keep Aspirations Personal and Private - Most naysayers will not appreciate or commend something in its baby stages. Try keeping silent about your goals until you have achieved something significant. Once you have something concrete to show, they’ll be hard pressed to find something entirely negative to say about it.
  2. Positive Passivity - An ideal way to silence a potential naysayer is to merely shrug it off. Be positively passive. If someone is trying to shoot you down, you have no obligation to listen to them. Be aware of the potential for an explosive conversation and how to handle one.
  3. The Old Switch-A-Roo - Try to adopt the approach of using someone’s negativity as motivation. If someone tells you “you can’t do that,” make it your goal to prove to them that you can.
  4. Keep A Progress Log - Write down your significant achievements and whenever you reach your goals. If ever a cynic tries to get you down, just take a look at your Progress Log and be instantly reminded of your potential and ambition.
  5. Distance Yourself - Although not possible in some cases, try to get away from pessimists. Try to surround yourself with people that always see the glass as half-full. Intelligent people realize that supporting others in their endeavors earns reciprocated support and leads to a less stressful life. Surround yourself with smart people.
  6. Recognize Constructive Criticism - It is not always the case that someone is intentionally downplaying your success. Try to be aware of constructive criticism and realize when an individual is sincerely trying to help you up instead of putting you down.
  7. Remember Why - Remember why some people insist on spoiling your mood. They are often jealous and fearful of your success. Whenever you think somebody is trying to put you down, keep this thought in the back of your head and smile. They just wish they were more like you.

All in all, you are your own best judge. If you think your accomplishments are worthy of acclaim, then they most definitely are! If, however, you find yourself succumbing to the wet-blankets of the world, try out these tips and methods and let me know how they work out. Do you have any other methods to curb the daily pessimist? Please, let us know in the comments.

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