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Sunday, June 22, 2008

One Dad's Life: 10 Ways Dads are like Rock Stars

OK, this topic came to me out of the blue while listening to Michael Sadler's album, "Clear", at 1:30 in the morning. I was having a hard time coming up with a topic for today...largely because I'm still so geeked about our new camera.  We also went to see Erin Bode at the Missouri Botanical Gardens on Wednesday night, and I took nearly 200 pictures...many of them very good.  It was hard not to do another photo post!

So, anyway, the "10 Ways Dads are like Rock Stars" idea came to me, but none of the 10 items!  So, this will be a challenge.  Let's see how I do. 

  1. At some point we start wearing funny clothes.
  2. We are surrounded by screaming, swooning, dramatic girls (if you have girls like I have)
  3. We start referring to ourselves in the third person, e.g. "If you don't get in bed and stay in bed, Daddy's going to get really unhappy!"
  4. We stay up way too late.  Unfortunately, it's not out having a night on the town, it's because it's the only time we can get things done we need to get done.
  5. Our kids (fans) think we have unlimited money!
  6. We go by a single name:  Daddy <=> Fergie.  See?  Almost the same.
  7. We play to our audience.  By golly, if the kids (fans) want burps at the dinner table, we'll deliver them!
  8. We are idolized for a few years by our kids (fans), then they are embarrassed they ever liked us for a few years, and then they like us again...largely from nostalgia of their childhood.
  9. Around our kids (fans) we act much younger than we really are!
  10. We play a mean guitar! (Well, maybe a mean Guitar Hero, at least)
  11. (A bonus reason!) We have beautiful women (the moms) at our side.
One Dad's Life: 10 Ways Dads are like Rock Stars
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