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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Finger prosthesis for amputee


The finger prosthesis are custom made. They are hand made by a skilled artist, using his own techniques in sculpting and experience to imitate a living finger.

For this to be possible we need a close contact with our client. It is necessary his or her physical presence for 3 hours in the first visit to take impressions, photos, measurements, and using his own skin as canvas to match the different tones of the skin and nails.

The prosthesis will have his/her own finger prints, veins, freckles. It takes 30 days approximately to manufacture a finger prosthesis. If the client is from a foreign country, the prosthesis can be sent by Federal Express or DHL, so that only one visit is required.

  Dedos indice y medio Dedos indice y medio

This index and middle finger prosthesis are held in place with the help of two ceramic magnets, one inside the articulating mechanism and the other one in the ring finger. The index finger is held in place with the vacuume formed between the stump and the prosthesis

With the prosthesis in place.

index finger prosthesis

index finger prosthesis


animacion mano Please click on image to see animation.

This image shows how the prostheses helps in every day
task like writing.

prosthetic finger

prosthetic finger


The end of the prostheses can be made very thin so that it could be very difficult to see the joint.


  magnetic index magnetic index
We deliver with each finger prostheses a very small and strong ceramic magnet that helps the person using it to pick up ferro-metallic items.

Finger prosthesis for amputee
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