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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dreams 1oh1 - The First Place To Look

1. The average person has at least 5 dreams each night.

2. Most dreams are 5 to 20 minutes in duration.

3. Over a lifetime, you'll spend approximately 6 years dreaming.

4. There are 5 stages of sleep and it's only during the final stage (called ‘REM sleep’) that you dream.

5. Dreams are an expression of your real life thoughts, feelings, concerns and experiences.

6. Everybody dreams; even those people who can’t remember having any.

7. The images and storylines that make up your dreams should generally not be taken literally; they typically contain hidden meanings.

8. Men are more likely to dream about other men than they are to dream about women; whereas women dream of women and men equally.

9. A particular dream that recurs and persists over a period of time is a strong indication that an important issue in your life needs to be resolved.

10. To end a recurring dream you must interpret its true meaning and resolve the issue in your life that it refers to.

11. Whilst dreaming, some people realise that they’re dreaming and are able to control what happens in it; this is called ‘lucid dreaming’.

12. A process called ‘dream incubation’ allows you to increase your chances of dreaming about a particular topic, person or place.

13. Before trying to sleep, spend a few minutes thinking about the good and bad points of your day; doing so clears your mind and improves the quality of your dreams.

14. Alcohol and medications reduce your ability to remember your dreams; eating near to your bedtime has a similar effect. 

15. Watching television or reading a book immediately before going to bed increases the likelihood of you dreaming about what you watched / read; such dreams tend not to have hidden meanings. 

16. 5 minutes after waking up, people forget 50% of the content of their dreams; 10 minutes after waking up, 90% has been forgotten.

17. To increase your chances of remembering your dreams you should have a regular sleep pattern; going to bed and waking up at the same times each day.

18. If you want to remember more of your dreams, tell yourself before going to sleep that you want to do so; repeating it over and over in your mind as you lay in bed.

19. On waking up, lay still and visually try to piece together any people, places, events, images, items and symbols that come into your mind.

20. Questions you should try to answer about your dreams: who was in it?; where did it occur?; was it day or night?; what did you do?; did any images, items or symbols stand out from the others?; how did you feel?

21. Keep a notebook and pen, or a small tape recorder, next to your bed so that you can make a record of your dreams when you first awake and your dreams are fresh in your mind.

22. Write, draw or record everything that you remember from your dreams; even if they don’t have a connection or seem relevant.

Basics   Teeth / Naked   Fly / Fall   Chase / Exam   Death / Disaster   Other   Links

23. Dreams about your teeth are the most common type of dream.

24. Types of teeth dreams include: teeth falling out; rotting teeth; swallowing teeth; spitting teeth.

25. Dreams that involve something bad happening to your teeth typically represent a recent verbal error you’ve made. 

26. Teeth dreams may arise as a result of: saying something you regret; hurting someone with your words; gossiping about others.

27. The morning after a dream in which something bad has happened to your teeth, look back at things you have said to people lately and think whether your words were inappropriate or malicious.

28. A more direct interpretation of teeth dreams is that you’re concerned about some aspect of your physical appearance (not necessarily your teeth).

29. If you’re looking in the mirror at the time something happens to your teeth then it’s more likely a self-esteem issue than something you’ve said.

30. Dreams involving teeth are often recurring; the way to stop them being to make amends for the verbal mistakes you’ve made or to be more accepting of your physical appearance.

31. Dreams in which people find themselves naked in public (normally work, school or a social event) are familiar to many people.

32. The general interpretation of dreams that involve being naked in public is that you’ve been hiding something in your life from other people.

33. Wearing no clothes in a dream can also represent you not being prepared (or being prepared but not feeling so) for an upcoming situation such as an exam, presentation, date etc.

34. If you dream that you’re naked, but no-one in the dream realises that you are, it means that whatever you’re hiding or are worried about is not an issue for other people.

35. If you dream that you’re naked, but you don’t care who sees you, it means that you’re feeling comfortable and relaxed about whatever happens to you in your life.

36. A dream in which you’re wearing just underwear gives a similar interpretation to a dream in which you’re naked; the underwear representing that you’re quite anxious about something but not wholly so. 

37. Seeing someone you know naked or wearing their underwear in a dream (in a non sexual way), indicates that in real life you’re conscious that that person is hiding, or is unprepared for, something.

38. An dream experienced by lots of people is that of flying.

39. Dreaming that you’re flying usually means that you feel in control of your life; that you’re ‘on top’ of things.

40. The stronger willed and confident you are, the more likely you are to experience flying as part of your dreams.

41. Flying dreams can also occur if you’ve just gained a new perspective on someone or something.

42. If you’re flying in a dream but feel scared whilst doing so, you may have confidence issues and not feel that you’re up to the challenges that you’re facing in your life. 

43. If you have difficulty maintaining flight in your dream, someone or something in real life may be preventing you from having the level of control that you want to have.

44. By identifying what it is in your dream that stops your flight progressing, you can identify what it is in your life that stops you progressing.

45. Many people have reported having dreams in which they’re falling and can’t stop themselves from doing so.

46. Falling dreams are an indication of anxieties and insecurities in your daily life.

47. Some say that dreams involving falling come at times of loneliness; having no-one to hold on to being represented by having nothing to hold on to.

48. Feeling inferior to other people in your life can also result in falling dreams.

49. Sometimes when people have falling dreams, their bodies twitch and shake to the extent that they wake themselves up.

50. It’s been said that you can die in your sleep if you don’t wake up from a falling dream before you hit the ground; however, there’s never been any evidence to support this.

51. Dreams involving drowning are very similar to dreams involving falling and are interpreted the same way.

Basics   Teeth / Naked   Fly / Fall   Chase / Exam   Death / Disaster   Other   Links

52. It’s common to have a feeling of being chased in your dreams.

53. The typical chase dream scenario involves being pursued by someone or something that wants to hurt you, whilst you run away or hide.

54. Chase dreams represent the way you’ve been dealing with an issue in your life; running away from and avoiding something rather than confronting it.

55. After waking from a dream in which you’ve been chased, ask yourself who or what was chasing you; establishing that will let you know what issue in your life you’ve been running away from.

56. If you don’t recognise the person pursuing you in a dream, it may be part of yourself (your own feelings of anger, fear, jealousy, stress) that you're running away from.

57. A more direct interpretation of chase dreams is a literal fear of being physically attacked; this may be based on something that's actually happened to you in the past.

58. Chase dreams will often recur over a period of time; to stop them you should mentally tell yourself as you try to sleep that you'll turn around and face your pursuer.

59. A dream experienced by many people is that of taking an exam or being late for an exam.

60. As part of dreams involving exams, people encounter problems such as: not knowing any answers; questions being in a foreign language; pens not working; not being able to find the place of the exam.

61. Exam related dreams can result from a feeling in your life that you’re being scrutinised / tested by someone.

62. Some say that if you dream of taking or missing an exam then you’re anxious about an upcoming challenge in your life that you don’t think you're up to.

63. An alternative interpretation of dreams involving exams is that you’ve forgotten to do something important.

64. Pressure and anxiety is thought to bring on dreams of exams because those feelings subconsciously remind us of the stress endured as a child at school when taking exams.

65. Some people dream of either the death of themselves or the death of someone they know.

66. Dreams involving death may occur when you feel emotionally hurt or have a fear that someone or something is about to hurt you emotionally.

67. Death can arise in a dream to signify the end of a phase in your life and the beginning of new one.

68. If it’s you dieing in your dream, there’s likely something within you (typically a strong feeling you have) that you need to let go of so that you can move on with your life.

69. The death of yourself in a dream could also indicate a deep regret of something you’ve done.

70. If it’s someone else dieing in your dream, it may mean that your relationship with that person is suffering and needs attention.

71. The death of someone else in a dream could also signify either a fear of losing them or a desire for them to leave your life.

72. Being confronted with natural or man-made disasters in a dream isn’t uncommon.

73. Disaster dreams come in many variations: droughts; earthquakes; floods; nuclear bombs; tidal waves; tornadoes; volcanic eruptions; war.

74. A disaster scenario in a dream tends to occur when a crisis is taking place in your life or you feel that one is approaching.

75. Dreams involving disasters can represent a loss of hope or a time of change in your life.

76. If you experience a disaster in your dreams and find that you’re dealing with it alone, it can indicate that you’re feeling lonely in your real life.

77. Coping well with a disaster in a dream is a sign that you’re strong and have the mentality to handle whatever problems arise in your life.

Basics   Teeth / Naked   Fly / Fall   Chase / Exam   Death / Disaster   Other   Links

78. A - abandonment; abortion; airplane; alien; ambulance; amusement park; assassin; axe

79. B - baby; bald; balloon; bathroom; bat; beach; bear; bee; bicycle; bird; birth; blind; blood; boat; bomb; bride; bridge; bus; butterfly

80. C - cactus; cage; cannibalism; car; castle; cat; celebrity; cemetery; circus; climbing; clock; closet; coffin; court

81. D - dancing; devil; divorce; dog; doll; dolphin; door; dove; driving

82. E - ear; echo; egg; elevator; elephant; escape; eye

83. F - feather; feet; fence; fighting; fire; fish; food; forest; fountain; frog; funeral

84. G - gambling; garbage; garden; glass; gold; grass; gun

85. H - hair; hammer; hand; handcuffs; hat; heaven; horse; hospital; hotel; house

86. I - ice; illness; infidelity; insect

87. J - jail; jam; jewelry; jungle

88. K - key; keyhole; kidnapping; kite; knife

89. L - laboratory; labyrinth; lace; ladder; lake; lamp; laundry; letter; levitation; library; lightning; lion; lost

90. M - maggot; magnet; magnifying glass; make-up; marriage; mask; military; milk; mirror; moon; money; mountain; mouse; murder

91. N - nail; neck; needle; nose; nurse

92. O - ocean; octopus; operation; owl

93. P - paint; pajamas; paralysis; parachute; pigeon; pimple; pregnancy

94. Q - queen; quicksand

95. R - rain; rainbow; rabbit; race; rape; rat; reptile; rice; ring; riot; river; road

96. S - salt; school; shoe; snake; snow; spider; stairs; swimming

97. T - tail; tattoo; telephone; thirst; throat; tiger; tongue; train; tree

98. U - umbrella; underwater; underwear; urination

99. V - vampire; video game

100. W - wardrobe; waterfall; web; wedding; whale; wheelchair; wig; wine; worm

101. X, Y & Z - x-ray; yarn, zipper; zoo

Dreams 1oh1 - The First Place To Look
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