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Thursday, April 10, 2008

tetrad flat shelving = tetris fix on [technabob]

I got a fever, and actually the only prescription is not more cowbell, but more Tetris. Lately I’ve been having a slight obsession with that beloved game of my young adulthood and I don’t know why. My yearning has been appeased a bit, though, thanks to these cool Tetrad Flat shelves by Brooklyn’s Brave Space Design.

The shelves are modular and are made of lightweight sustainable Finland plywood. You can choose a white or natural finish for the wood, and white or colored metal backs. They can be attached to each other, hung on the wall or left separately to create that I’m-a-casual-yet-stylish-gamer statement in your home.

Maybe if I had a set of these I wouldn’t be dreaming of arranging all those pieces in my head late at night during my REM sleep.

$1500 for a set of ten pieces right here.

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