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Thursday, April 10, 2008

How To Maximize The Power Of Your Mind - Day 3

Day 3: 'Get A Grip on Your Thoughts'
Last time, we discovered the structure of our mind and realized
how powerful our subconscious mind was in subtly influencing our actions and
perceptions. We also realized that we needed to zero in on the conscious mind
because it's the gatekeeper of the subconscious mind. This issue will go into
that aspect in greater detail.
Remember: control your thoughts or they will control you. If you don't control
your thoughts, you'll do what a lot of people do and that's crash. Imagine
you're in a BMW and you press the accelerator but don't make an effort to
control the steering wheel. What happens? Sooner or later, you're going to
crash because you didn't take control of the car. How much more control should
you take of your own mind?
To illustrate this point, I want you to read the following sentences aloud.
Sentence 1: You're the happiest guy on earth. Everybody loves
you because you're so nice and sincere. You're dependable, trustworthy, and
you're what every person would want in a true friend. Nobody has anything bad
to say about you.
Sentence 2: You're a total loser. You're nothing. You're a joke.
Everybody dislikes you and stays as far away from you as possible. Nobody cares
about you. You don't make a difference at all.
Notice the shift in your attitude and how quickly your smile turned upside down
after reading the second sentence.

Let's break down what happened in your mind as you read both sentences.
When you read those sentences, you thought of pictures in your head and
those pictures evoked feelings which then went straight into your subconscious
mind, which then resulted in the corresponding shift in attitudes and actions.
Note that the sentences were colored with emotion. This is important because
emotion penetrates to the subconscious mind like no other. If you emotionalize
your thoughts, you can reach the subconscious that much faster. Think back to
all those stories of people who've achieved great goals. They had thoughts of
what they wanted to do and they colored those thoughts with emotion, powerful
emotions such as desire.

But you know what the sad thing is? Most people are constantly
thinking in terms of Sentence #2 (hopefully not as severe though). They are
always thinking in terms of negative thoughts and as a result, their attitudes
and actions match those thoughts accordingly. How can we reverse this process?
On any given day, there are probably a million thoughts that go through your mind.
The first thing I want you to do is just become aware of them. Really become
aware of just how powerful they are. (You probably do know just how powerful
they are now from just doing that example and from reading the previous 2 lessons.)
Now that you're aware that your thoughts hold great power, the next thing I
want you to do is just listen. Really listen to what's going on there. You might be
surprised as to what you find out. Some of you might find that you've been thinking
in terms of Sentence #2 (hopefully not as bad as that), but something to that degree.
"I'm not smart enough."
"I can't do that."
"That's impossible."
Your subconscious mind is listening to all that and it's saying: "Ok. Got it.
Now I'll just influence your attitudes and actions to prevent you from achieving
any goal from now on because you think it's impossible. Because you think you
can't do it. Because you think you're not smart enough."
Remember, your subconscious mind is just following the orders of your conscious
mind. Some people think thoughts like that on a continuous basis and it's because
they think those kinds of thoughts that they automatically dismiss any notion
of trying to achieve anything. You know who these people are. You bring up an idea
and they'll say:
"That'll never work."
"There's too much risk."
"It'll never happen."
So I want you to really listen and see what you're thinking. One way to keep track
of your thoughts is to write them down, preferably 3 times per day. Once in the
morning, once in the afternoon, and once before you go to sleep. Just transfer
what's in your head on to paper. Don't try to change the thoughts in between
because you'd just be defeating the whole purpose. Just let it out. That way,
you can get a true snapshot of what's going in there. Many people who've tried
this were surprised as to what was actually going on in their minds.
Now that you're aware of your thoughts and have listened to them, what I want
you to do now is catch the negative thoughts that come into your head. Don't let
them slip by. They're very sly so catch them in the act. For example, many students
in school may think:
"I'm not smart enough".
Catch that thought in the act, choose a replacement and back that replacement up.
"I may not have the highest GPA, but I'm smart in the sense that I know when I
need to go and ask for help as well as how to gather the correct resources to help
me better understand the material."
Ideally, you want to do this automatically, but it won't happen overnight. It'll take
some time. That's why optimistic people are so happy. They've already gone through
that process several times so they habituated it so it's like there's never any
negative thinking to begin with.
Keep it simple.
Soon enough, it becomes:
Be Pleasantly Surprised.
Most people are oblivious to the fact that they can change their thoughts. You have
the power to choose what to think. You're not an animal that automatically reacts to
its environment. You have the ability to choose what to think which leads you to
actions that correspond to those exact thoughts you've chosen.
It's really easy to think negative. Standards imposed by society tell us how we should
look like, what we should eat, wear, do with our lives, etc. You are getting impressed
from people from all over so it's really eas for others to do the thinking FOR you.
It's always an uphill battle until you develop the habit of thinking for yourself. Once
you do that, it's a great liberating feeling.
Think of your mind as a hose out of control spraying every which way. You want
to grab control of the hose, turn off the negative thoughts that are spewing out, and
hook up your hose to positive thoughts and spew those onto your subconscious mind
to influence your future thoughts and actions to be conducive to them.
In our next issue, we'll find out what we can feed our mind to nourish it.
To the inevitable achievement of all your hopes and dreams,
Brian Kim

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