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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Datepad - Top 10 Article - The Top 10 Most Fattening Foods On the Planet - Free Online Dating & Dating Personals

#10 – The Avacado

Mother Natures Fatty Son

Most of you have probably heard that the avocado is the most fattening vegetable on the planet. Well first off it’s a fruit, secondly you’re right, this baby is loaded with fat, unlike anything else on this list the fat in an avocado is actually good for you. The fat in avocados is called monounsaturated fat, it’s the same fat that you find in Olive Oil it’s not only a good fat but it reduces cholesterol levels. Basically if you have eaten or plan on eating anything on this list you might want to throw back a couple of avocado’s.

There are 31 grams of fat on average in each avocado, but this time it’s good fat!

31 Grams of Fat

#9 – Hardee's

The Monster Biscuit

We’re at Hardee’s for breakfast and this Monster offering won’t disappoint! We’ll start with a butter based country style biscuit, then add 3 strips of bacon, a full size sausage patty and 4 slices of shaved ham, this takes care of the pork department. After the meat has rested nicely they add a folded egg and 2 slices of processed cheese. I am not sure how you get your mouth around this but if for any reason this sandwich seems appealing to you the logistics of eating it are probably the least of your concerns.

Now for the numbers 710 calories and 51 grams of fat and this is the most important meal of the day. The question is will you make lunch?

710 Calories & 51 Grams of Fat

#8 – Voodoo Doughnut

Home of the Maple Glazed-Bacon Doughnut

Yes, I am serious – bacon. Voodoo Doughnut is a Portland Oregon landmark: they make some of the craziest doughnuts on the planet. Doughnuts covered in Cap'n Crunch, Coco Puffs and even one beauty dusted in Tang (Neil Armstrong would be proud). The one we’re here to talk about is the colossal giant maple glazed doughnut that has two strips of crispy bacon on top of it. For those of you that want sweet and pork in the same bite this doughnut has it all!

As for the numbers, well, Voodoo isn’t a national chain, so they don’t post nutrition info and why should they? Doughnuts don’t have any nutrition but they do taste great and that’s all that matters!

??? Calories & ??? Grams of Fat

#7 – Carl’s Jr.

Taco Salad

Mom always said eat your salad because it’s good for you, loaded with nutrients and vitamins and low in fat, right? Not at Carl’s JR! They have a little diddy called the Taco Salad, and while I haven’t had one it actually looks pretty decent. Seasoned ground beef with refried beans, jack and cheddar cheese, lettuce, salsa, hot sauce and sour cream, all of this is served in a deep fried tortilla bowl that you can eat!

It doesn’t sound that bad, right? 940 Calories and 57 grams of fat to put this in comparison the legendary Big Mac is a respective 540 Calories and 29 grams of fat, ouch!

940 Calories & 57 Grams of Fat

#6 – Dairy Queen

The Large Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard

For those of us that love Ice Cream, and most of us do, the blizzard is a damn fine concoction! What will shock you is just how fattening this dessert is.

1,320 Calories & 52 Grams of Fat

#5 – McDonalds

Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese (Supersize Combo)

We couldn’t do a list without some McFried goodness and the Double Quarter Pounder is McDonalds meanest burger. 2-¼ pound patties and processed cheese match this up with a large fry and large Coke and you have artery clogging magic!

The numbers for the entire meal are as follows, 1,620 Calories and 72 grams of fat.

1,620 Calories & 72 Grams of Fat

#4 – Poutine

The French Canadian gastronomic contribution to the world

Pronounced “Pooh-teen” So now that we know its somewhat disturbing name, what is it? You start with a plate of fries, then you add a healthy handful of cheese curds and pour over a generous amount of gravy. Keep in mind this is usually served with a burger and a soft drink.

As a side dish the numbers are staggering. 1,300 Calories and 72 grams of fat!

1,300 Calories & 72 Grams of Fat

#3 – Hardee's

Montser ThickBurger

So let me describe this puppy: 2 seriously large patties that are 1/3 of a pound each. For those metric types out there that’s over 136 grams of meat baby! Next we have 4 large slices of bacon and 3 slices of processed cheese. Now let’s get to the bun, it of course has Mayo and lots of it and they also insist on buttering this large sesame seeded meat holder

Ok so how bad is it? 1,420 calories and 107 grams of fat! That just a burger folks!

1,420 Calories & 107 Grams of Fat

#2 – Turducken

Turkey, Duck & Chicken!

For those that don’t know Turducken is basically a hollowed out turkey (Yup they remove the bones!) Within that Turkey one stuffs a hollowed out duck which also has a hollowed out chicken inside of it and of course you need to squeeze in some pork sausage to bring it all together. That isn’t a typo, I said Pork Sausage baby. Now here’s the kicker, you take the giant mound of skin fat goodness and you deep fry the bastard!

So how fattening is it? One single serving of Turducken without gravy is over 3,500 Calories and 214 grams of fat! Turducken is the real deal baby!

3,500 Calories & 214 Grams of Fat

#1 – The Big Texan

The 72 oz Steak takes the crown!

The Big Texan in Amarillo Texas is one of the most famous steak houses on the planet and this enormous steak has a lot to do with it! 72 oz’s of heart stopping beef that translates to 4.5 pounds!! That’s the size of a small baby! The crazy part is over 8,000 people have successfully gnawed their way through one of these big guys including an 11 year old boy and a 69 year old grandmother. One crazy SOB ate two of them in within the one hour limit!

As for fat and calories, as you’d expect they’re large numbers... 5,760 Calories 480 Grams of fat.

5,760 Calories & 480 Grams of Fat
Datepad - Top 10 Article - The Top 10 Most Fattening Foods On the Planet - Free Online Dating & Dating Personals
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