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Friday, February 6, 2009

Pokemón (subculture) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Pokemón (subculture)

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Pokemón is the name of an urban tribe among Chile's youth that surfaced in the late 2000s.[1][2] They are readily identifiable by their angular and pressed hairstyles[3], reminiscent of characters from the Japanese media franchise Pokémon.[4][5] It is currently one of the largest and better known urban tribes in the country.[6]

Pokemones dress similarly to other tribes, such as Otaku and Emo, but they are not followers of anime like the former, nor share the musical tastes of the latter.[7] Pokemones are livelier and extroverted. During parties they dance to reggaeton music, while kissing and groping with as many people (male or female) as they can, which they call poncear.[3] They make extensive use of the Internet, trading photos of themselves on image-sharing sites like Fotolog and communicating through MSN Messenger.[7][3]

Pokemones are usually from the Chilean middle and lower class. They are frequently juxtaposed against another group, the so-called peloláis, well-to-do girls with long, straight fairer hair from private, Catholic schools.[8]

In January 2008, Internet messages surfaced urging violence against Pokemones (mainly because of borrowing aspects from other subcultures, such as Emo hair, hip-hop clothes, and for using the c-walk).[citation needed] People belonging to the subculture increasingly began to be attacked outside discos and pubs.[citation needed] In response, a joint anti-violence campaign called "Foundation for a Better Future" has been organized by the Chilean government and Santiago's main student leaders.[6]

Pokemón (subculture) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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