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Friday, February 6, 2009

How to Know If a Girl Likes You | eHow.com

Talk to her. See how she responds. Quick, clipped responses mean she is not interested, but if she gives long answers and asks you questions in response this is a good sign.
Notice how she is looking at you. Catching your eye and quickly looking away, shy glances every now and again or consistent eye contact are good signs. Looking around her means she probably wants someone different to talk to.
Observe how she is sitting and her body language. If she touches you, or doesn't move away when you accidentally brush up against her she may like you.
Detect signs of mimicking. This is an unconscious thing that girls and guys do when they are interested. Good examples are when you take a drink and then so does she, or you sit back in your chair and she follows.
Tell amusing stories and see if she laughs, even when you aren't being very funny. This is a good sign.
Pay attention to how she reacts when you talk to other girls. Acting jealous, becoming quiet or trying to get close to you are reactions that mean she likes you.
Tease her and see if she teases you back. This carryover from grade school works on grown-ups, too!
How to Know If a Girl Likes You | eHow.com

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