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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good News: Health Care for the Unemployed - Healthcare Shopper News

President Obama's $789 Billion Recovery Bill includes some health care benefits for those recently unemployed. If you lost your job after September 1st, 2008, this bill has some very good news for you regarding your health care. The federal government will soon subsidize 60% of your COBRA premium for 9 months. Doesn't sound like a big deal to you? Let me explain. COBRA coverage is offered to individuals and their families who had group coverage with their employer before they lost their jobs. The problem is that COBRA insurance premiums are high and unemployment benefits are no so high. In fact, the average premium for family COBRA coverage exceeds the entire monthly unemployment benefit in 9 states: Alabama, Alaska, Delaware, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and West Virginia.

If you lost your job recently, you have 62 days to decide on taking the COBRA offer or not. TAKE IT. You'll have to pay the entire premium for a month or two, but once the new legislation takes effect, you'll be paying only 35% of the premium. It's a great deal. Purchasing your own individual health insurance, assuming you can qualify, will cost you more for less coverage. If you pass up on the COBRA offer or wait beyond the 62 day window, you can't opt in later. It's a one-time offer.

If you're 55 years or older and unemployed, here's more good news. Assuming you were employed for 10 years of more, you will be able to extend your COBRA coverage to age 65 when you qualify for Medicare. Normally, COBRA only lasts for 18 months. This extension of COBRA for up to 10 years is especially beneficial for those with chronic illnesses who would otherwise be unable to purchase health insurance.

Good News: Health Care for the Unemployed - Healthcare Shopper News

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