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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Top 10 Bizarre Facts About BMW Gina You Didn’t Know |

BMW has always been a great company in terms of design and creativity which comes up with innovative ideas. It seems that BMW’s design department has been working hard lately. Just a few weeks ago the leading German car manufacturer introduced its M1 Homage Concept and now BMW presents GINA – a futuristic shape shifting concept car made of cloth. This aggressive-looking skinned beast is an inspiring example of how future vehicles may look like. Here are top 10 bizarre facts about the coolest car you have ever seen.

1. GINA stands for Geometry and Functions in “N” Adaptions which really means that BMW set out to explore the creative freedom and push the boundaries. As a result, BMW GINA Light Visionary Model Concept Car has become a new take on car design, materials and flexibility – it is futuristic in a whole new way.

Wow, I am really impressed!

2. GINA replaces old-fashioned metal/plastic skin with flexible fabric “body-shell” wrapped around a meshwork of metal and carbon fiber wires. The cloth that covers GINA’s body is made of waterproof, temperature-resistant, durable and flexible fabric material.

Great! Put it into the laundry-machine and here you are – it’s clean again. Just wash separately, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, only warm ironing is required. By the way, it’s a joke.

3. The Light Visionary Model is skinned by four large pieces of fabric: a front panel that starts at the front of the car and leads to the base of the windscreen, two side panels and the last panel make up the rear deck. So, the traditional elements of producing cars, such as doors, wheel arches, engine hood, a trunk lid, are not present in the conventional sense.

4. Underneath the covering material is a light sub-frame controlled by electro and electro-hydraulic devices. This means that the car can bend and contract and, thus, change its shape and exterior as many times as the driver desires.

I guess the criminals will fall in love with GINA as they can commit crimes and drive away as no one will be able to identify what the car looked like at the time.

5. It is amazing how much the outer skin of GINA resembles sheet of metal, but the impression changes as soon as the doors open in a semi-scissor fashion – the fabric artfully binds up.

Hmm, nice wrinkles when doors open! I suppose the care will need facelift quite soon.

6. The rear panel of GINA is movable as well.

7. The headlights of GINA can be magically hidden or exposed when necessary. The headlights of the car open like human eye. BMW is particularly proud of the GINA’s futuristic headlights.

The car really looks like an alien with exposed double lights, which look like eyeballs under eyelids.

8. The turn signals and taillights shine trough the translucent fabric when activated and become invisible when turned off.

Looks like a new James Bond car, doesn’t it?

9. BMW GINA Light Visionary Model Concept Car is built over a Z8 platform and equipped with realistic 8-cylinder powertrain package.

10. GINA’s hood opens and closes from the center like an old-fashioned doctor’s bag to expose the engine.

How much that car is? One, please…

Top 10 Bizarre Facts About BMW Gina You Didn’t Know |
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