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Saturday, June 21, 2008

101 days of sex | FunHigh

According to statistics in USA, married couples are making love 66 times in a year. To put the passion back in married couples and prove that sex can be fun in a marriage, authors Annie and Douglas Brown made love 101 days in a row and published their experience in a book called “Just do It”.

Douglas admitted that it was very exhausting experience but it did make them realize how much they grew apart and this experience brought them closer together.

They advice for a good marriage is to have sex atleast once a week, even if you are tired.

If a relationship have lost the passion you can make up some rules that will keep you entertained and hopefully bring the passion back in your relationship.  Some couples are throwing dice and the number that comes up will be the number of times they will have sex in a week. Others are relying on the “suprise” effect which can be anything from waiting for your partner in “sexy display” or bringing whip cream to the bedroom.

101 days of sex | FunHigh
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