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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Making Self-Care a Priority: Time Management Articles

Getting the outer facets of your life into order is an important part of time management, but so also is learning how to balance yourself from within. This is one area that many people skip without realizing how it can keep them stuck in patterns of chaos and distraction. Continue to read one of our time management articles.

It’s important to understand that chaos and distraction usually begin within! It may seem like your problems exist solely outside of yourself, but your inner state of mind and mood patterns are what have a strong effect on your surroundings. Simply put, your thoughts trigger your emotions and your emotions determine your actions (or non-action), which then bring about the results you experience in your outer life. When you are scattered and chaotic within, you cannot help but transfer that condition to your surroundings.

Conversely, a calm, centered and in-control state of mind will help you to better manage all aspects of your life, even when disruptions are caused by external influences. Since self-care is a very large part of keeping yourself balanced and centered, it makes sense that a strong commitment to it can benefit every area of your life.

Here are three ways to help you make self-care a priority and keep your life in balance:

1)Take time for yourself. When your life is hectic and busy you might be tempted to dismiss the importance of personal time, but doing so only makes you feel more stressed. Remember, “All work and no play . . .” makes YOU a very unhappy person!

When you take time to do things you enjoy each day, you end up feeling happier and stronger from within. As a result, you can better handle the stress in your outer life.

Try setting aside 30 minutes for yourself each day. During that time you can exercise, read, engage in creative hobbies, or simply watch your favorite sitcom on television. Whatever you do, DON’T allow yourself to feel guilty or obsess about what other tasks you could be getting done during those 30 minutes. Instead, affirm that you deserve some downtime, and allow yourself to enjoy it. Then you can return to your normal activities feeling refreshed and energized.


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2)Get adequate rest. Another thing people often do when they’re very busy is start cutting into the time they need for sleep (or even just rest and relaxation). Unfortunately, they fail to realize that a hectic schedule can create major mental and physical drains and the only way to recharge is by getting enough rest. If this describes you, you have probably noticed your focus and stamina beginning to slip. You may find yourself feeling more irritable, impatient, fatigued, or just plain stressed. Unless you begin treating your body a little more gently, the problem will only get worse.

It may not seem like you can afford to set aside a full 8 hours for sleep each night, but your efficiency (not to mention your overall well-being) depends on it! Don’t believe me? Commit to trying it for one week. Make it priority to get a full night’s sleep no matter what, and watch in amazement as you are suddenly better able to accomplish more during the rest of the time – simply because you have the clear focus and energy to do so.

3)Strengthen your spiritual connection. Does your spiritual practice consist of a once-weekly visit to church or a few rapidly uttered prayers before bedtime? Or do you spend time connecting to your spirit on a daily basis? Did you know that current research indicates that spiritual people typically experience less stress and better health than non-spiritual people?

It’s important to note that spirituality has nothing to do with religion, unless your religion happens to help you connect spiritually; but you don’t have to be religious to be spiritual. Spirituality (in this context) is all about connecting to your center; the part of you that is connected to something larger than yourself. Whatever name you apply to this “larger something” depends on your existing belief system, but even if you don’t have a specific name for it don’t let that stop you from connecting to your inner self in a deeper, more profound way.

The point is to spend time turning your attention within through meditation or prayer. When you shut out outer distractions and focus on the peace and harmony within you, you automatically feel lighter and more balanced.

By following the above suggestions, you’ll quickly notice how the rest of your life seems to flow more smoothly and easily – which ultimately makes your time management efforts that much more effective! Hope You liked one of our time management articles and bookmark us to get more unusual life tips.

Making Self-Care a Priority: Time Management Articles
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