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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Celebrities in a couple of lines

These amazing pictures were made by Pablo Lobato - the famous Argentinian artist. He sees celebrities in a special way, being able to pass resemblance in caricatures by drawing just a few lines - see for yourself:


^ Jack Nicholson


^ Beatles


^ Bjork

elton john

^ Elton John

Madonna funny

^ Madonna

brad pitt

^ Brad Pitt

julia roberts loban

^ Julia Roberts

Red hot chilli peppers

^ Red Hot Chili Peppers

paris hilton paul maccartney

^ Paris Hilton, Snoop Dog, Paul McCartney

Other pictures by Lobato (totally worth checking!)

Illustrator Noma Bar is very much like Lobato, only Noma Bar uses even less lines for his drawings, and still the nature of the subject is perfectly caught.

putin noma bar

^ Putin


^ Tony Soprano


^ Margaret Thatcher

Bob Dylan and Kim

^ Bob Dylan and Kim Jong-il

All of these pictures have in the book “Guess Who? The Faces of Noma Bar” which was due in November. The book will appeal to graphic designers and pop-culture fans alike.

More on the book and on the author himself here.

Celebrities in a couple of lines
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