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Sunday, May 18, 2008

The FAIL Blog - haha visit his site, he's too awesome www.failblog.org

Recycling Gone Mad

Thanks to StaceyM for:

The Mustard Man

Thanks to Christopher for:

Dairy Fail

Thanks to p0nk for:

Weight Limit Fail!

Thanks to Andrew for:

Road Block…

Thanks to Bertil for:

Overcrowding Fail

Thanks to Cassiano for:

Failboat: Down to Business

Thanks to Kwalitorie for:

Bad Parking Choice

Thanks to Mat for:

Packaging Fail

Thanks to Ian for:

More Design Fail

Thanks to Peter and Daniel for:

Doghouse Fail

Thanks to Thomas for:

Steering Fail

Thanks to Tibo Soulcié for:

Catching Fail

Thanks to Patrick for:


Thanks to Michael for:

Minesweeper Fail

Thanks to Quantumcat for:

Job Application FAIL

Thanks to Hakan for:

Intelligent Design?

Thanks to Rafa for:

Transport Fail

Thanks to Anaxagor for:

Tsunami Fail

Thanks to Marel for:


Thanks to RoccoKlein for:

The FAIL Blog
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