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Saturday, February 7, 2009

WarKitty » motivational posters

ninja cat

ninja cat

This. Is. Awesome. Ninja cat: he’s hiding somewhere.

Shit Faced Monday has been canceled due to physical violence. Sounds like a wild bar!

Uses of Google… It’s so true, yet so funny.

Lemon nipples…

No comment.

Not what motivational poster.

It’s a pie. A fish pie. This seems crazy to me. In England, they eat meat pies an a regular basis. In America, meat pies are frozen dinners that we don’t eat often (chicken pot pie).

Encyclopedia motivational poster.. wife already knows everything.

Cell phone use chart- another funny but true one.

eHarmony rejection notice…. wrong answer, smartass!

Some Pictures

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Got a few lulz for you today, nothing epic, but the cat one is good.

All he ever wanted was to poop outside

All he ever wanted was to poop outside

nature motivational poster

nature motivational poster

ineptitude motivational poster
WarKitty » motivational posters

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