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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gentlemen MP3 Player - Please Don't Stop The Music! - Style Guru


Here is a remedy to permanently get rid of the grim expression that you can’t help but make at your workplace! If you wish to breathe free and cool your nerves underneath your ironed-to-perfection suit, the Gentlemen MP3 Player is just what you need. This latest geek accessory from Korea will deliver to you a musical therapy to unload your stress. To ease you of the bother of carrying some funky music player while on work, its sleek and elegant design is just perfect to match your formal attire. You can either pin it up on your tie or don it as a pair of cufflinks and a single line LED displays the name of the track being played. So while you covertly enjoy the music, people at work will just assume you are so absorbed in your work, aww, you hardworker!


Gentlemen MP3 Player - Please Don't Stop The Music! - Style Guru
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