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Monday, May 12, 2008

Top 10 reasons that I hate/love Stumbleupon | Monkeychapps

1. I do not drink or take drugs but according to the American Psychological Association I exhibit all the signs of a addict.

2. My social life consists of the SU toolbar.

3. Most of my conversations begin with “have you stumbled today”?

4. I thought, albeit ever so briefly, about a SU tattoo.

5. I renamed my dog Stumbler. Sometimes I call him Stu.

6. I have not watched more that 6 hours of TV in the last month.

7. My xbox has two months of dust accumulated on it.

8. I have fallen asleep while stumbling.

9. I have found out that I can heat a Cup-o-Noodles from the heat exchange from my cpu.

10. I know that there is a man in North Carolina that has spent months carving pumpkins to look like all the members of The Back Street Boys. This is info that I could have lived many decades without.

Top 10 reasons that I hate/love Stumbleupon | Monkeychapps
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