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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

THIS GUY HAS THE 411! VISIT HIS SITE!!! - YOUR Daily Inside Scoop on Las Vegas Nightlife - PERIOD!

Ladies, while you might be able to figure many of us men out and know how to make us do what you want at times; some of us really frustrate you and are hard to figure out. Here are 20 things you might have never realized is how we guys think. Knowing these things might actually change the quality of your dating and relationships in wonderful ways!

While this is not an absolute list of “secrets” that apply to all men, it is accurate of the mindset and behaviors of almost any guy you will meet…even if he won’t admit to it.

1. It's actually not okay to tell me “I’ll be right back. I have to go pee.” I know everyone has to pee, but when I’m first getting to know you I don’t want to be reminded just how much you’re like everyone else.

2. Learn a few details about me as a person before you ask me to buy you a drink. Sure I might buy that drink, but I will feel that since I appear to you to be just a guy to buy you drinks, you will be just another woman to have sex with instead of a woman to know ongoing.

3. Ask me to do something for you and you'll remind me that I'm a man. On the other hand, tell me how to do something and you'll remind me of my mother.

4. You may have heard somewhere that you can tell if a guy is good in bed if he's a good dancer. Well, it's not true. Like most men, I'm usually way too self-conscious about my moves to really let loose in front of everyone on the dance floor.

5. Too many women can't admit when they're wrong, so letting me know when I'm right, no matter what the topic is, will score you major points with me.

6. Whenever you get up from our table at a club to go to the restroom, I watch to see how many other guys check you out. I like knowing that strange men envy me for being with you.

7. When I bring up something sweet I did for a now ex-girlfriend, it doesn’t always mean I have not gotten over her. In fact, I'm probably doing it to advertise to you that I'm good boyfriend material.

8. You know those things I used to do when we first began dating, like how I listened to you tell stories about your college social life and the way I kept saying how cute your cat was? I stopped do things like that because I didn't like doing them in the first place; I was just doing them so would like me.

9. If you have to ask me if I am enjoying our time together, chances are I am not. It most likely will have nothing to do with you though, so just remain calm and patient; chances are I will voice what the problem is.

10. It's a good sign if I bust on you. Haven't you noticed that guys are always insulting their best buddies? We only do that with people we really like. It's how men express affection.

11. While I will make fun of you for listening to “chick music” I secretly have at least one “chick song” that I listen to often and really like.

12. I know girls burp, but hold off on letting one fly out of you when we first meet unless you want me to become turned off. I want to see your intriguing lady side before being reminded you have bodily functions just like I do.

13. Please don't refer to me as a nice guy, even though you may mean that sincerely. The term has been used as code for “a guy I have no romantic interest in” or a loser so often that it’s what discourages me from trying to advance things with you beyond a friendship. I will probably WANT to get with you, but will be too afraid of being rejected now.

14. When we first meet, never ever under any circumstances ask me to hold your purse “for a sec.” It doesn’t matter why you’re asking me to do it, I will feel like you are trying to emasculate me.

15. If you do not like what I am wearing, it is better to keep that to yourself rather than making a comment about what it is you do not like about it. I am more concerned with what feels comfortable than what women will like. If you must comment, tell me you bet I would look good in a certain color; I will likely then go find something in that color that feels comfortable for me.

16. I am not turned off by you using four-letter words, but I am turned off if you use them a lot in a conversation. Hearing you use a couple of those words during a conversation lets me see your aggressive side; which makes me feel just as connected to you as when I show you my sensitive side.

17. Asking me how many women I’ve slept with is just as uncomfortable a question to ask me as it is if I were to ask you how many guys you’ve slept with. I will give you a much more honest answer after we have already kissed or fooled around a little.

18. You commenting on the physical appeal of another guy is not going to make us more competitive for your attention, it will have the same affect it has on you when we do the same regarding another woman; it comes across as shallow.

19. I'm totally in favor of you wearing skimpy clothes when we're out with my pals. Reveal enough to make them envious of me, but not so much that a nipple might pop out or more than the bottom of your ass will be exposed when you bend over.

20. If you hate my mom, regardless of my own opinion of her, I'll think less of you. If you always agree with her, it will also make me think less of you. I want you to have similar qualities as my mother, without being just like her and I want you to have very different qualities without being the complete opposite of her.

There you have it, Ladies. There are many other things I want to share with you about us men, and I will do so in the future.

Thank you for your time, and I wish you well in using what I have shared here with you.

Be well, and Live Unleashed!

YOUR Daily Inside Scoop on Las Vegas Nightlife - PERIOD!
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