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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Take Care Of Yourself | The Geeks Dating Guide

Taking care of yourself is important. If you can, try make a weekly trip to the local gym or just go for walks around your area. One thing I want me make clear is that you don’t need huge biceps and so forth to attract a girl, but having them does help, but once again you don’t need them. Simply exercising still helps your overall confidence so its defiantly something you need to consider. Drinking and drugs is something you need to get away from if you are already as they might just attract the wrong crowd.

Grab a hair cut – but keep it real to yourself. Now normally I tend to just trim my hair, keeping a simple short back and sides hair cut. Others may have a different style. The important thing is to not go over board and do some style that looks really funky but its not you. Sure gelling up you hair seems to be the new trend but keeping it the way you want it shows a sign to girls that you are confident about yourself and don’t want to change yourself for anyone. And as Mandi suggested, don’t ever leave from home without washing your hair - no one likes greasy hair or hair with dandruff.

Wash Yourself and Smell Good - No girls wants to be with a guy who smells bad, so make sure to take a shower regularly (meaning around twice a week at least!) and get some aftershaves and deodorants.

Brush Your Teeth - If you haven’t got the habit, put yourself in it; no one likes bad breath. Or if your that lazy, buy a pack of mint chewing gum and have it right in the morning.

Clothes – Go shopping, get some new clothes - those 60’s style shirts wont do good in the dating scene. As long as it looks decent, it doesn’t have to be designer. And if you got no taste - well ask a female friend to help you out (girls love that kinda thing!), or even your mom could come in handy unless shes the other who picked out that 60’s shirt. And make sure their nice and clean before you step out the door, or at least ironed.
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