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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

E! News - Prison Break Gets the Max from Fox - Wentworth Miller

Michael Scofield has been sentenced to another 22 hours.  

Fox confirmed Monday to E! News it has renewed Prison Break for a full fourth season, which must be  welcome news for fans who were left wanting more after the writers' strike allowed for only a 13-episode third season.

The series was averaging 8.2 million viewers per week until the well of scripts ran dry. 

Shooting on the next 22 episodes of the drama is expected to begin in May in Los Angeles—where most of the season-four action is due to take place—in time for a fall premiere. 

The season-three action ended with a cliffhanger that unfortunately would have had to serve as the series' finale if Fox hadn't signed up for more. 

Meaning, Wentworth Miller's character is no longer on the road to nowhere after busting out of a Panamanian lockup and maybe, just maybe, he'll get his revenge on the shady syndicate responsible for Sara's death.

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